Hookah Bars in Chicago

arabia-cafeThere are many good hookah bars in Chicago. The main issue with them is (with the new smoking law in IL) that they don’t serve food or alcohol anymore.

Here is a list of the ones that I know about. The list is not in any particular order.

Arabia Cafe

They serve Starbuzz tobacco as well as some other brands. Hookahs are $15 during week days and $20 over weekend. That’s a little pricey but I guess that’s Chicago. They also usually have belly dancers over weekend.

They are located at 1046 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL 60622


I’ve never been at Dhuwan myself but have heard good stories about them.

They are located at

House of Hookah

I have never been to House of Hookah myself so can’t write a review about them.

They are located at 607 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL

A La Turka

A La Turka is a Turkish restaurant.

They are located at 3134 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, Illinois, 60657

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I like this place. It is very lively and definitely Middle Eastern atmosphere (unlike many hookah bars that choose to play Techno and loud music all the time). They are located at 1963 North Sheffield Avenue Chicago, Illinois, 60614

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Guess Hookah

They don’t have a lounge anymore (most likely due to the smoking law). They are a fairly large local hookah store though. They are located at 1829 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, Illinois, 60622.

Sigara Lounge

Tizi Melloultizi

Tizi Melloul is a rather nice Mediterranean restaurant.



  1. Michael Rihani says

    There are a few more that do serve food and drink. Try out “Hubble Hookah” it is near Belmont and Harlem. They have a full bar, hard liquor and beers. They have a great beer selection. Also, they have amazing food. The food here is better than most restaurants and when you consider it is also a hookah lounge that makes it even more amazing.

    The decor is very modern too. It is a family owned business and they are great. I used to try so many other lounges but once I found Hubble, I haven’t found another that can compare.

    Check them out when you have a chance. You won’t be disappointed. Take some time to chat with the owner, Ralph. He is a great guy.

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Michael. Didn’t they pass a no smoking law in Chicago? I thought they couldnt seve food and hookah at the same place anymore

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