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If you haven’t seen or read about me smoking from my Lust Halo XL at this point the you’re not paying close enough attention and need to check out our Youtube channel. Go now. I’ll wait. I do love this hookah but I have my complaints and one of the biggest is the bowl. I’ve […]

The proper way to smoke Tangiers tobacco has been a hot topic of debate since it was first introduced. Some smokers handle it like unstable uranium and smoke this tobacco with a degree of ritual and mysticism often reserved for voodoo rights. Today we focus on just one method for poking holes in the foil. […]

Hole pattern obsession is a real and painstaking affliction. You can recognize a sufferer thanks to their compulsive counting and recounting of holes, a strange fixation on geometric patterns and habitual collecting of “pokers” in a search for the perfect size. What can we do to help those who have to live every day of […]

Packing a Hookah Phunnel Bowl

Even though it has been a popular pastime for generations there are still innovators looking to improve the hookah.  One such improvement is the phunnel bowl, which was originally introduce to the market by Eric of Tangiers Tobacco. The multiple holes of the Egyptian clay bowl are replaced by a single large whole that takes the […]

Hey everyone! I’m Jen from and today I’m lucky enough to be a guest here on I’m from Canada and tobacco products are pretty hard to come by, so as an alternative I smoke a lot of steam stones and herbal shisha instead. I’ve seen that some people have problems getting them to […] Order a pack of Tangiers Noir and you should mentally prepare yourself for a hassle. I love Tangiers, but it is easily the most finicky and difficult to handle tobacco that I smoke. Sometimes it refuses to acclimate and sometimes you just get a bad batch, but listen to the fan boys and you’ll […]

A strange stigma seems to have arisen in the hookah community that Tangiers tobacco is in some way special and above mixing. There is an idea that to mix Tangiers flavors would ruin the session or insult the tobacco. I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve had great success. I’ve been asked about how […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed