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https://www.youtube.com/embed/6xszdnBG_KA We have all met with that unfortunate situation where we want to smoke, but we are out of hookah coals. It is frustrating, terrible and a ton of other negative adjectives. The only way to truly avoid this situation is to stock up on charcoal and make sure that you always have more than […]

Wooden Hookah Mouthpiece

I have a lathe and I like to make great use of it. Most of you have seen my article about making my own wood hookah bowls and now it is time to take another step with wood mouthpieces designed for use with washable hoses. The process is fairly simple, but I want to make […]

Wooden Hookah Bowl

I love making my own hookah gear and I’ve made every component short of the grommets. Being that I am a traditional hookah tobacco lover it stands to reasons that I would need a wooden bowl and a little while ago I decided to make a few because they are all but missing from the […]

Making Grommets with Paper Towels

I have only done it a few times, but trying to set up a hookah only to realize that you don’t have the right grommets is entirely disheartening. Happily there is a solution. It’s not new and it’s not particularly innovative, but it is effective and cheap. What more can you ask for? This is […]

https://www.youtube.com/embed/yLM_oNydH7Y I love making things from scratch. I cook constantly, I brew my own beer and I make my own shisha tobacco once in a while. The process can be very simple or very complicated depending on what you want to make, but today we are going to focus on modern style tobacco. Make Modern […]

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