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It is no secret that I love coconut charcoal. The clean flavor, the low carbon monoxide production levels, consistent heat, lack of smoke and long burn times are absolutely unparalleled in other charcoal. So, why do we hear reports of people having trouble with coconut charcoal going out and not staying lit? The biggest culprit […]

There are three piece n a hookah that are the hardest to clean. The vase, the hose port and the purge. With a little finesse you can clean them pretty easily and tonight I am going to tell you how I get my vases looking s good as the day I bought them. We’ve all […]

Brass and copper are more and more commonly used in hookahs and I’m not complaining. I love the trimetal style and the traditional Syrian hookahs and Turkish hookahs that were made with brass exclusively. There is only one problem that some people find with brass. It tarnishes. Personally, I like the look of a well […]

Travelling is always a hassle and hookahs are a whole project in themselves when packing. The most fragile pieces of a hookah are the vase and bowl. Making sure that they arrive safely at your destination is paramount. A hookah without a vase is pretty much useless. Today we are going to learn how to […]

One of my favorite things about smoking hookah is turning new people on to the experience. I even have dreams of opening my own hookah lounge someday. However, I’ve had a few unfortunate adventures in a few so-called hookah lounges that didn’t even carry popular hookah tobacco brands such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher, or Romman. […]