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Heat management is a tricky devil and matching the right charcoal with the right bowl can be a learning experience that requires the sacrifice of many grams of shisha tobacco. The heat is too low, too high or just right. Don’t you wish you could fine tune the heat and get it perfect for every […] We have all met with that unfortunate situation where we want to smoke, but we are out of hookah coals. It is frustrating, terrible and a ton of other negative adjectives. The only way to truly avoid this situation is to stock up on charcoal and make sure that you always have more than […]

Hookah Smoke Rings

It comes more naturally to some but all smokers will eventually try to blow a smoke ring. I don’t claim to be the lord of the rings but in this guide I’m going to try and give you a little help in your quest to achieve the ultimate Os. I hope you become a master […]

Packing a Hookah Phunnel Bowl

Even though it has been a popular pastime for generations there are still innovators looking to improve the hookah.  One such improvement is the phunnel bowl, which was originally introduce to the market by Eric of Tangiers Tobacco. The multiple holes of the Egyptian clay bowl are replaced by a single large whole that takes the […]

Wooden Hookah Mouthpiece

I have a lathe and I like to make great use of it. Most of you have seen my article about making my own wood hookah bowls and now it is time to take another step with wood mouthpieces designed for use with washable hoses. The process is fairly simple, but I want to make […]

The last time we talked about polishing your hookahs we went over cleaning with Bar Keeper’s Friend, but now I would like to show you my favorite technique and it involves no chemicals at all. I know that some people are very concerned about “chemicals” killing them with a pillow in their sleep or something […]

Wooden Hookah Bowl

I love making my own hookah gear and I’ve made every component short of the grommets. Being that I am a traditional hookah tobacco lover it stands to reasons that I would need a wooden bowl and a little while ago I decided to make a few because they are all but missing from the […]

How to Salvage a Rusted Hookah Hose

I love my non-washable hoses and I try to keep them in good condition, but there is no way to completely prevent rusting if the hose uses an internal metal coil. If it’s just a cheap hose I usually just replace it with something higher quality and washable. But, I recently noticed some rust in […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed