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The vast majority of the smoke from hookah tobacco is a result of vaporizing the molasses, glycerin and flavorings that are applied to the actual tobacco leaves.  We’ve discussed the issues that can come with an overabundance of glycerin in the mix; ticklish feelings in the throat, way feelings on the tongue and a soapy […]

I was sent a PM a few days ago asking for some advice on starting to smoke traditional and I felt that more people could benefit from a little introduction. Where do we start? Price. Traditional tobaccos are usually pretty cheap and that’s . That’s one of the nicest things about smoking things like Zaghloul. […]

Uh Oh. You’ve carefully packed your bowl, set up your hookah and sat down for a relaxing session, but your first draw greet you with a mouthful of dirt and ash. This is a bad thing. Your friend might tell you that it’s ash from the coal getting into your hose and that it’s nothing to […]

Fresh and invigorating; mint is one of my favorite flavors to smoke. Sadly, many mint flavors are a bit lacking and leave me wanting something more. I have heard every suggestion you can imagine for increasing the minty intensity of a tobacco. From crushed up Altoids in the base water to a bunch of freezable […]

Sir Mixalot and I agree on many things, but his statement of, “silicone parts are made for toys” may not be entirely true. They are also made for hookahs! This is not an article about the latest and greatest innovation that you’ve never heard of, but I’m still surprised by how many people dismiss silicone […] I spend a lot of time talking about the minute details of smoking hookah, but sometimes you just need a little advice on how to prepare hookah to start you off. So, here is our guide for setting up your hookah and preparing for a great session because the best smoke starts with the […]

It is no secret that I love coconut charcoal. The clean flavor, the low carbon monoxide production levels, consistent heat, lack of smoke and long burn times are absolutely unparalleled in other charcoal. So, why do we hear reports of people having trouble with coconut charcoal going out and not staying lit? The biggest culprit […]

There are three piece n a hookah that are the hardest to clean. The vase, the hose port and the purge. With a little finesse you can clean them pretty easily and tonight I am going to tell you how I get my vases looking s good as the day I bought them. [rating_youtube src=”″ […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed