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Banana Shisha Fruits Hello Paul here once again, sadly alone because Cari is pretty sick this week. I have a review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Banana. As you saw in the packing part of this video, there are slices of banana. That is what goes into this and that’s really what it […] Paul: Hello folks. It is Paul and Cari here once again with a Shisha Fruits review for you. This one is for Red Apple and I got to say I’m enjoying it. We had tried the Green Apple before and we’re impressed by the flavor of it, especially regarding accuracy. It was really good. […]

Two Apples Shisha Fruits Hello once again. It is Paul here for with a video review for you. This one is for another one of the Shisha Fruits flavors. This is Shisha Fruits Double Apple. I don’t think it’s a particularly good double apple. Funny enough, it actually has too much apple flavor. I know that sounds […] Paul: Hello folks, it is Paul and Cari here once with another review for you and this one is another Shisha Fruits review. This is for DeKang Shisha Fruits Pineapple. I’m enjoying it. The first thing I really noticed about this product is that it smelled like a pineapple Julius, which I might be […] Paul: Hello It is Paul and Cari here on the fourth of July smoking Shisha Fruits Mint. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since we got the Shisha Fruits samples because I absolutely love mint flavors and this is pretty good so far. It’s definitely minty. It has elements […]

Until a few years ago it seemed liked nobody in the western world even knew that Turkey had hookahs and now they are the standard by which many others are judged. Trends come and go but the truly traditional pipes always seem to persevere with a loyal following. What Makes Turkish Hookahs Special? Let’s start […]

First things first. I want to demystify the notion that people think that just because the front of the box reads “Easy Light”, that it automatically makes this coal “Quick Light”. There’s a BIG difference between “Easy Light” and “Quick Light” coal. This Al Fakher coal is a natural coal. it is made “Easy Light” […] Paul: Hello again Paul and Cari here with another review for you. This one is another one of the Shisha Fruit, DeKang Shisha Fruits Peach. As you can see, the clouds are very good. They’re voluminous and thick. This one actually has a little bit of mouth feel to it. I think that […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed