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Fumari Citrus Tea Review



I forgot to take pictures again, sorry! But here are my thoughts on this awesome Fumari flavor.

Brand/Flavor: Fumari - Citrus Tea

Amount Purchased: 100g

How Packaged: Thick plastic resealable bag

First Impression Smell: The first time I smelled this when I first got it, it smelled like a mix of lemon and orange, not much tea was coming through. But today when I smoked it all I could smell was a floral note, very close to lavender, and a hint of a bitter orange.

Shisha Feel: Super super juicy, and really chopped up, how Fumari usually is.

Hookah: Nammor Furat

Bowl: Harmony Bowl

Foil: Kaloud Lotus

Wind Cover: N/A

Type of Coals and Amount: 1 Mya Genie Coco Coal finger(broken into 3 pieces)

Clouds: Gigantic.

Buzz: None, but some people might get a little.

Flavor: The name doesn't do this flavor justice, this is a lot more than just citrus tea. I get tons of flavors from this. I was expecting a Brisk or Nestea type flavor but it isn't that at all. It's very floral(It reminds me a lot of lavender tea) and not overly sweet. The citrus comes through as a bitter orange or possibly lemon and there are subtle hints of tea in the background. Towards the end of the session I started picking up a little vanilla as well. If I had to describe it in a few words I would say that it is very similar to an Earl Grey tea with lavender notes in there.

Length of Session: My bowl is huge, so it lasted a little over an hour, until the coals died out. It will definitely last another round of coals later tonight.

Overall Impression: If you like floral flavors or earl grey tea, you'll love this flavor, If you hate floral stuff, then it's probably not for you. I'll definitely be buying it again.


Recommended Comments

Interesting.  I really don't like citrusy flavors in my hookah, so I'm very hesitant to try this, but I like the review.


It has no distinct lemon/lime/orange citrus taste to it. If you've ever had earl grey tea, its like that. A slight bitter orange in the background but not an overpowering citrusy taste. I would recommend it if you're curious and like tea.

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