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Jewels Margarita Shisha Review

blog-0081578001411886751.jpg[brand] - [Flavor]: Kasbah Jewels Margarita

Amount Purchased: 50g

How is it Packaged: Large tin can with free mouth tips

First Impression Smell: awful, like damp butt

Shisha Feel: Wet like a modern tobacco but more sticky than juicy

Bowl: Social Smoke Funnel

Foil: Social Smoke heavy duty

Wind Cover: Social Smoke tall wind cover

Type of Coals and Amount: 3 starlights

Clouds: decent

Buzz: mild to none

Flavor: tasted like a real Margarita drink that you get at the bar

Overall Impression:

I didn’t know what to make of this brand given that I had never heard of it and didn’t know anybody that had it before. My vacation to Myrtle Beach was definitely an adventure because the only hookah tobacco I found was not even remotely close to popular with the exception of Al Fakher.

I’m an adventurous soul so I’ll try anything at least once. 

I was fooled by the size of the tin can because it looked like a 250G tin but in reality it was a 50g re-sealable single bag and about 5 free mouth tips for your hose. Nice touch Jewels. 

Now the smell in the can was, honestly, awful. My first thought was: “oh my god I’m going to have to throw this out”.

after preparing the bowl with coals it wasn’t getting any better. The smell radiating from the warming bowl was just not pleasant at all. It wasn’t a chemical smell, nor a fruity smell, it was just a… a stench, a bad stench that permeated through the apartment even the next morning when my girlfriend woke up and asked me what the hell was I smoking the night before.

I braced myself and inhaled the first pull and everything changed. The flavor is amazing!. it just really tastes like a margarita drink that you get at the bar. There was definitely a hint of sweetness citrus to the pull from lemons or lime, but not overwhelming. Not only that but the flavor lasted through a second round of coals. 

The clouds are very decent but not something you would get from smoking some of the more modern tobaccos where you would get dragon clouds. 

Now this particular flavor is very heat sensitive, so you will have to finagle with your wind cover and coals in order not to burn it. If you manage that, then the flavor will definitely treat you very well.

If I had to rate this brand on a 10 point scale, I will give it a solid 7. I’m taking one point away from the awful smell in the bag, one point for the awful smell while is burning in the bowl, and one for the not so huge clouds.

It gets double points for taste, affordability, and ingenious packaging with the free mouth tips.

I recommend it for the taste, but not for the smell.


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