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Fumari Orange Cream Review



Fumari: Orange Cream

Amount Purchased: 100g

How Packaged: Shisha is packed is a small(ish) bag, the bag is resealable. High quality bag. I really like this packaging

First Impression Smell: This is an interesting one, it starts off with a light to medium orange scent that easily transitions to a cream scent. Very reminiscent of a orange cream popsicle.

Shisha Feel: Very moist, feels a bit chunky. The cut is small with very little to no stems.

Hookah: Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Ice Double

Bowl: Generic phunnel

Foil: Reynold's Heavy Duty

Wind Cover: Yes, used to regulate heat.

Type of Coals and Amount: Starlight Natural Coconut, 2 coals.

Clouds: Great clouds, they are not filling the room but they are not light. They are not as big as I expected for such a juicy shisha but good nonetheless. After 30 minutes the clouds got much better.

Buzz: I feel a very light buzz. It should be noted that I am used to higher nicotine content shisha, so that may change how I feel.

Flavor: The flavor is on point, there is no undernote or second note. You can immediately taste the orange cream flavor, neither over powers the other.

Longevity: First round of coals lasted for an hour, currently on a second round. Depending on how juicy this is it may last for a third round.

Overall Impression: 19/20 This was a great flavor, the smell and taste were very accurate with great longevity. I highly recommend this flavor. If it was cheaper, it would be a go to flavor.


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