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Jewels Orange Shisha Review

[brand] - [Flavor]: Jewels Orange


Amount Purchased: 50g


How is it Packaged: In a box with a resealable plastic container with the tobacco on one side and 5 free hose tips on the other


First Impression Smell: Very light peach candy


Shisha Feel: Very sticky as opposed to very juicy


Bowl: Social Smoke Funnel


Foil: Social Smoke heavy duty


Hookah: Social Smoke Izmir


Hose: Deezer washable


Wind Cover: Social Smoke tall wind cover


Type of Coals and Amount: 3 starlight coconut coals


Clouds: Dragon clouds


Buzz: None to light


Flavor: Very accurate orange flavor


Overall Impression:

The smell before you open the bag is actually very nice and citrus-y. However as with all jewels tobacco, the smell is not as pleasant once the bag is open, but smoking it is another story altogether. It’s an orange flavor, I haven’t had many orange flavor shisha to compare it to, and the ones I’ve had I hated, but this one is good. Really good. it also mixes well with other flavors.

If you can get past the actual smell of the tobacco, I think you will enjoy this flavor.


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