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Hookah Cases

Hookah Ninjas


I'm not sure if you're like me, but I like to bring my hookah everywhere - friends' houses, parties, church... "ok, maybe not church."

I have always been searching for the perfect bag with all of them falling short of the things I need/want from a carrying case:

  1. - Durability (I had a Fumari bag that lasted less than 1 month)
  2. - Lots of storage space (I have a lot of crap, and I want it all in 1 place)
  3. - A way to secure my hookah in place (I have a lot invested in my hookah and the last thing I want is to hear it flopping around in a case potentially getting damaged)
  4. - Different ways to carry (shoulder straps, handles)

After many failed attempts at cases/bags that were sold specifically for hookahs (I've tried soft cases, hard cases, branded cases and bags), I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for something outside of the box... That's when I came across the most brilliant idea in Hookah case history!

A guitar case!

I know this sounds a little crazy at first, but hear me out. Guitarists need to transport a fragile/valuable piece of equipment that is long/awkwardly shaped, and they need a lot of storage for extra parts and pieces - sounds familiar, right?

I bought a full-sized soft guitar case for my 34" KM and it worked so well that I decided to get another for my 22" KM Mini Beast (I bought a ukulele bag for my mini)! Here's how the guitar bag stacks up with my wants/needs:


The case I chose has the thick zippers that you'd see standard on most heavy-duty gym bags. All of the straps are well-secured with thick clips and double/triple stitching. This sucker is made for the long-haul.

Storage Space:

I cannot describe to you how perfectly this has worked. The shape of the bag is impeccable. The interior of the case is well-padded, and there are TONS of pockets to store some of or even all of my gear. I even store up to 3 hoses inside!

Securing Hookah:

Wider near the bottom, narrower near the top, and it even has an internal Velcro strap that secures the stem right near the center. I leave my hookah fully-assembled (even with the bowl in tact) and it is a nice, snug fit so it doesn't move around.


The large case that I chose has 3 methods to carry.

  1. Briefcase handle (A handle to carry the bag briefcase style the long way)
  2. Should strap (Similar to a gym bag strap)
  3. Backpack Straps (Ergonomic and very comfortable for longer distances)

Overall Rating 10 out of 10


Here are links to the 2 that I bought:

This is the one for my large hookah (pictured below)


This is the ukulele bag for my 22"


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Check out the photo! I hope you enjoyed my blog!

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