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Mazaya - Orange with Cream Review



blog-0585488001430062472.jpgMazaya - Orange with Cream

Amount Purchased: 250g

How Packaged: Mazaya comes in a box, which contains a round cardboard container. In which there is a resealable bag, that has another bag inside of it similar to Nakhla. Too much packaging honestly but the resealable bag is a huge plus.

First Impression Smell: Wow! This smells amazing. The perfect mix of orange and cream. Similar to the Fumari Orange Cream.

Shisha Feel: Very, very moist. My fingers were down right soaked after packing this bowl. Cut evenly and with little to no stems was great.

Hookah: Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Ice Double

Bowl: Generic phunnel

Foil: Reynold's Heavy Duty

Wind Cover: Yes, used to regulate heat.

Type of Coals and Amount: Starlight Natural Coconut, 2 coals.

Clouds: The wetness of the shisha lets it smoke amazingly with thick billowing clouds.

Buzz: The buzz is almost non-existent in my opinion. It contains only 0.05% Nicotine compared to Nakhla that has 0.5%

Flavor: This is spot on to what it is trying to be. The orange is subtle and allows the cream to make a smooth relaxing flavor. Every hit until the last round of coals was fully flavored.

Longevity: Holy cow! This shisha can last for quite a while. In my phunnel bowl it was easily able to go through 3 rounds of coals without losing flavor or volume of smoke.

Overall Impression: 20/20 I believe this is one of the first flavors I have had that can get a perfect score. Everything about it was amazing. The flavor and smell were accurate with impressive clouds.

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