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The King Shisha Strawberry Review

[Brand] - [Flavor]: The King Shisha Strawberry

Amount Purchased: Quarter pound (about 112g)

How is it Packaged: In a very strong, resealable, branded black bag

First Impression Smell: Strawberry fruit

Shisha Feel: Wet, juicy but not swimming in molasses

Bowl: Minzari crown

Foil: None

Hookah: Social Smoke Izmir

Hose: Mystique Ice Hose

Wind Cover: None

Type of Coals and Amount: 3 Ecoal coconut coals

Clouds: Dragon clouds

Buzz: None

Flavor: Non-cloying strawberry 


Overall Impression: WOW!!!!! Complete 180 change since I first tried them back in January. Two thumbs up from me. I’m done. End of review. 

No seriously I’m super impressed with the hard work the guys at The King Brand have done with their recipe. I’m calling it The King Shisha 2.0 and let me just tell you the difference is something to truly admire. 

Right off the bat the first thing I noticed when I opened the package is how sweet and potent the strawberry smell was. It was as if I was holding in my hands a fresh pack of strawberries that had just been chopped up. I got super excited. 


The dark molasses lake is gone!!! Gone I tell you!. No longer is the shisha swimming in juices which helps the flavor tremendously. This new package I actually had to use a spoon to mix the juices and the shisha. A very refreshing and familiar way to treat your shisha for the initiated and the veteran alike. 


The bag the shisha is packaged is super strong with a very strong resealable ziplock that you can feel when the bag is properly sealed. 

The first time around I didn’t mix the shisha for the specific purpose that I wanted to be able to use my Minzari crown without having to dry off the juices. 

I was able to use 4 rounds of coals and not once did I loose the strawberry flavor. It held on till I was tired of smoking and I was done for the night. If you could have seen my face of happiness… but I digress. 


One thing I’ve found out about this brand and I’m not taking any points off for this, is that is very heat sensitive. I learned this the hard way but that’s a review for the next flavor. This is normal from brand to brand, they all react differently to the amount of heat used. With Nakhla and Haze you can set a bonfire on the bowl and it will still smoke like a champ. Social Smoke and other tobaccos only work properly with the coals working remotely from another room. The King Brand falls in the latter category, a little heat will treat you very well.  

Two coconut coals will serve you very well, and three will get you a burnt session. When I used 3 coals the first round the taste wasn’t as expected but more plastic-y than anything. Once I realize I was burning the shisha, I took off the coals, let it cool a bit and only used two. PERFECT!. The strawberry taste was there for the next round, and the next, and the next… well you get the idea. 


So remember kids, 2 coals and no more.


The only exception to this rule is if you are using a heat management system like the Minzari Crown or the kaloud, then you can very judiciously use 3 coals as you have to take into account heating up the metal of the heat management system. For some reason Pineapple and peach handle heat different and are more heat resilient, but that’s an observation for another review. 


Also be patient, it takes a while for this shisha to heat up, but you will be rewarded with great flavor and even greater clouds once you let it heat up. 


While we are at it. The shisha is not a choppy cut like modern tobacco, but remember that’s because is not tobacco. This brand is made entirely of fruit ( sugar cane and real fruit chunks) so I wouldn’t expect the shisha not to have the equivalent of a tobacco stem in there. Every now and then you will find an extra long sliver of sugar cane, but nothing to throw a fit about. When I found one that didnt’ fit the bowl I just took it out and continued packing my bowl. 


So to The King Shisha 2.0 as I like to call it, I’m giving it a very happy and willingly 9 out of 10 for… well for everything. The juiciness, the flavor, oh that great flavor, for the duration, for the well thought-out packaging, and for the tremendous change the company and the team have done to play a detrimental part in the perfect hookah session. 


Why not a rating of 10? well, if I did that then I would just be playing favorites now wouldn’t I? 


If you want to get a taste of The King Shisha you can email them at [email protected] to do your own review on The King Brand’s products. 


Stay tuned for my reviews on their pineapple watermelon, and peach flavors. I promise you they are going to be as positive as this one. 


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