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The King Shisha Pineapple Review

[Brand] - [Flavor]: The King Shisha Pineapple

Amount Purchased: Quarter pound (about 112g)

How is it Packaged: In a very strong, resealable, branded black bag

First Impression Smell: Pineapple candy, stronger than gummy bear

Shisha Feel: Very wet and juicy. Wetter than most of the new line

Bowl: Minzari crown at first but it’s very juicy so I switched to the funnel

Foil: 2 layers of regular foil

Hookah: Social Smoke Izmir

Hose: Mystique Ice Hose

Wind Cover: none needed. This pineapple shisha is very heat sensitive

Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Ecocha coals

Clouds: Dragon clouds

Buzz: None

Flavor: Amazing Pineapple fruit but not candied like gummy bear


Overall Impression: So now we are two for two in my newfound love of The King Shisha. 

This time I’m trying their pineapple flavor and I can tell you right off the bat that this is the best pineapple flavor I’ve ever tried. 

To say that even my non-smoking girlfriend enjoyed the smell of this shisha is an understatement of how fruity and delicious it is. My girlfriend doesn’t like ANY of the flavors I smoke so I usually I have to wait till she goes to bed to enjoy a smoke because all the tobaccos trigger her allergies. This one was fine for her and she even hung out in the living room without any issues. Yeah, The King Shisha 2.0* is THAT good. Now I have a flavor that I can smoke anytime I want without bothering her sinuses. This holds true to all the new flavors I’ve tried so far. 

When you first open it it smells very much like candy apple, but once you smoke it you’ll be able to tell that it’s real sweet pineapple flavor. 

Now this flavor for some reason is NOT quite the same as the others I’ve tried in the 2.0* series. This one is much, much juicier than the rest but not overwhelmingly so. Yet is juicy enough that you can not use the Minzari Crown with it unless you dry the juice away with paper towels. Well hell, I didn’t want to do that, so I just put the shisha in there with 3 coconut coals (you only need two), and puffing away I went. Well it didn’t take very long for the juices to start dropping onto the coals and having my girlfriend run into the office thinking I was setting the house on fire because there was so much smoke seeping through all the rooms. What did she catch me doing? opening the office window and fanning the smoke away like a madman. So I took the coals off, grabbed the Minzari Crown with a towel and transferred the shisha to my funnel and session saved. 

So, to reiterate my last blog post, you only need TWO coals, specially on the pineapple flavor, and with this one it would be best to use either a funnel or vortex type bowl. No wind cover is needed until the last 20 minutes or so, otherwise you will have a burnt session. 

So this particular flavor is a bit more finicky than the others. you will definitely have a smokey, burnt session if you are not careful. However once you learn what you like this one will treat you very well with pineapple flavors all the way to 3 or 4 rounds of coals. TWO COALS PER SESSION! NO MORE!. 

so if I have to rate it I guess I would give it an 8 only because this one is a bit more finicky than the others and people might get pissed off if they treat it like their regular heat resilient tobaccos. If it wasn’t for that, it would get a solid 10 just because of the flavor alone. 

This one is definitely going in my rotation. As soon as I’m done with the rest of the flavors and reviews I’m putting an order for a very large tub of their pineapple. 

If you want to get a taste of The King Shisha for your own reviews, you can email them at [email protected] and you can also visit them at wwwTheKingBrand.com 



*disclaimer: The King Shisha does NOT use the monicker “2.0”. This is just something I like to call it because I’ve had both iterations of their flavors, and to me calling it 2.0 indicates a drastic improvement. 


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