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The King Shisha Watermelon Review

[Brand] - [Flavor]: The King Shisha Watermelon

Amount Purchased: Quarter pound (about 112g)

How is it Packaged: In a very strong, resealable, branded black bag

First Impression Smell: Watermelon bubble gum

Shisha Feel: Very wet and juicy, but not too wet that you can’t use the Minzari Crown with it

Bowl: Minzari crown AND a funnel for testing

Foil: 2 layers of regular foil

Hookah: Social Smoke Izmir

Hose: Namoor Washable

Wind Cover: Social Smoke Tall

Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Ecocha coals

Clouds: Dragon clouds

Buzz: None

Flavor: Amazing watermelon flavor, but not too strong. The first few drags is like biting into a watermelon before it mellows out a bit. 

Overall Impression: I am now 5 deep into testing the new flavors of The King Brand 2.0* and I have to get serious for a moment. Some might know that I’m a big fan of watermelon no matter what brand I get it from. Sure everybody’s watermelon flavor is very different from one another, but I look at it as a flavor that you just can’t get wrong. To me watermelon is a “safe” flavor, do you know what I mean? Is one of those flavors that you always keep around because when done right is just perfect - this is such a flavor. 

Even before I opened the package I told myself that I would be fair, rigorous, and unbiased when tasting this flavor. I was definitely ready to put this one through it’s paces only because I love watermelon so damn much. This flavor was smoked numerous times, using different bowls (Sorry Minzari had to cheat on you for the sake of the review) and with different mixes, and all the trials were successful. With the Minzari I had no trouble using 3 coals, but with the funnel only two pieces and a wind cover treated me lovely.

The sacrilege was mixing this flavor with another brand and it was still an amazing results. Yes I will be mixing this one more often with… that other brand because they complimented each other very well. 

When you first open the package you a very distinctive watermelon bubble gum smell. There’s no guessing it, the smell is watermelon bubblegum. Such a nice smell but no worries, this was not candy. 

The cut of The King Brand Shisha is just like all other flavors I’ve tried so far. nice medium cut that looks like… like wood chips really. It’s wet enough that you will enjoy hours and hours of flavor, but not so wet that you can’t use the Minzari Crown with it. If you were to use a regular Egyptian bowl the juices won’t run down the stem like with other brands. 

As with the other The King Shisha flavors, please mind your heat when dealing with this flavor. Although this one is a bit more resilient, you still need only two coals and using three is really pushing it past the burning point.
I was able to enjoy three rounds of coals in my sessions with this flavor. By the fourth round it just didn’t have the same flavor, but that’s a very long time. 

The smoke is amazing! You get super dragon clouds as you should with any great brand. They are puffy white clouds which I like. 

The flavor is a mild watermelon compared to others but it’s a very distinct real watermelon. When you take your first drag you immediately get hit with that awesome watermelon flavor. Not like processed watermelon, but the REAL fruit. As I took some more puffs I realized that this flavor would be GREAT with Mint. So I did that, I mixed it with The King Shisha Mint and it was really a great soothing combination of flavors. 

So if I was forced to give it a numerical rate, what would I rate it? 

well, this is just my opinion because for my taste and smoking style, I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this flavor. Trust me I was looking, and I tried really hard but couldn’t find anything wrong. I even smoked it once with my non hookah smoking girlfriend in the room and she loved the smell.  There’s no fuss during the session. You set your coals and forget them. Just smoke and relax and let the flavor take you away. 

So numerically I give it a 10. I’m sorry but if you can find something wrong with this flavor I dare you to do your own review and be unbiased. This is saying a lot from me given that their Pineapple is so far my favorite flavor and it only got an 8 rating. 

So there you have it, a rigorous and unbiased review. 

If you want to get a taste of The King Shisha for your own reviews, you can email them at [email protected] and you can also visit them at wwwTheKingBrand.com 



*disclaimer: The King Shisha does NOT use the monicker “2.0”. This is just something I like to call it because I’ve had both iterations of their flavors, and to me calling it 2.0 indicates a drastic improvement. 

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This sounds like something I need to try out. Wonder if I should drop the money to get a package to try out to see if it would be something worth putting into my rotation.


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