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The King Brand NEW Apple Shisha Review

[Brand] - [Flavor]: The King Shisha Apple

Amount Purchased: Quarter pound (about 112g)

How is it Packaged: In a very strong, resealable, branded black bag

First Impression Smell: Real Granny Smith apple

Shisha Feel: Wet and juicy, Might have some issues using a Minzari Crown

Bowl: Both the Minzari Crown and a Funnel for testing purposes

Foil: 2 layers of regular foil when using the funnel bowl

Hookah: Social Smoke Izmir

Hose: Mystique Ice Hose without the Ice Tips

Wind Cover: Social Smoke tall when using the funnel bowl

Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Ecocha coals

Clouds: Dragon clouds

Buzz: None

Flavor: The best apple flavor and smell I’ve ever tried

Overall Impression: you know, I start writing a blog post but then I get distracted by another good flavor from The King Brand and I loose track. Not to say that I have A.D.D. but, oh look something shiny. 

This should be short and sweet; a rating of 10 all around. Good night folks and have a great week. 

What? You want to know everything about it? well aren’t you a needy bunch!. 

ok well here’s the review. If you need to know how good of an apple flavor it is, then go to your local grocery store and buy a green, Granny Smith apple and enjoy it because that’s the smell and flavor you will get when you load a bowl of The King Shisha apple flavor. 

What? that’s not a review? well damn!.

So in all seriousness, go eat a Granny Smith apple and you will know what you will get when you smoke The King Shisha apple flavor.

The look and feel of the shisha is the same as all their other flavors, slivers of sugar cane and REAL fruit chunks. Now I’m not an expert but I think that having actual fruit in the shisha helps the flavor of the smoking session. 

The shisha is wet enough that I can use my Minzari Crown without any issues, but only I don’t mix the shisha around with a spoon. When I mix it well from the bottom of the bag, the juices are a bit much to handle and it drips on the coals. So just like their pineapple flavor, this shisha is better smoked using a funnel bowl. 

So a numeric value would be a perfect 10! This shisha lasts a very long time so as soon as I’m out I will make sure to order more, because honestly I think everybody should have this brand in their rotation. 

If you want to get a taste of The King Shisha for your own reviews, you can email them at [email protected] and you can also visit them at wwwTheKingBrand.com 


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