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Shisha Score Sheet - 20 points



Designed after the UC Davis 20 point scoring sheet for wine I have created the 20 point scoring sheet for hookah.

The most important thing to remember about using this sort of form is that it is unbiased. A shisha may score very well and it might not be something you particularly like and vice versa.

If you have any ideas about anything that needs changed or updated let me know I am more than open to it.

Shisha Score Sheet - 20 points Brand: Flavor:

Shisha Texture

Cut uniform in size with little to no stems 4

Mostly uniform in size with little to no stems 3

Mostly uniform in size with lots of stems 2

Cut not uniform in such a way that hinders packing 1


Distinct characteristics of labeled flavor 3

Simple characteristics 2

Little to no smell of labeled flavor 1

Defective or off odor 0


Strong flavors that are correct to the advertised flavor 4

Light flavors that are correct to the advertised flavor 3

Flavors that are reminiscent to the advertised flavor 2

Flavor is incorrect to what is advertised 1

No flavor / Disagreeable Flavor 0


Sweetness is appropriate for advertised flavor 2

Slightly off either too sweet or not sweet enough 1

Completely off, cloyingly sweet or bitter 0


Large fill a room clouds 3

Medium clouds 2

Small clouds 1


120 minutes + 4

90- 120 minutes 3

60-90 minutes 2

30-60 minutes 1

Less than 30 minutes 0


Recommended Comments

This looks nice, but I think longevity can vary - I would maybe use this as:


4. Lasts longer than expected

3. Lasts about as long as expected

2. Lasts shorter than expected

1. Lasts much shorter than expected

0. Not smokable - disgarded bowl


I only say this because a small bowl won't last 2 hours, but something like a Harmony may last 4 for Tangiers.  The only other thought is I would maybe take Longevity, make it 3 points, and apply an additional point to Clouds.


Otherwise, I dig it!

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