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  3. Mister Thrice

    Is this mold/rust

    The pic of the intake ports into the jar do look like rust. Some white vinegar and baking soda should remove it pretty easily, and then polish with some coconut oil to keep the rust away. I'm going with food grade everything because not only am I some kind of hippie/eco nerd/herbalist guy, but it's cheaper, easier on the hookah, and wont impart funky tastes to your sessions. As far as the hose port goes, I would clean in the same way. Though, it does appear that the corrosion (if that's what it is) has began to eat at some of the metal. So maybe use a bit of sand paper or a dremel tool carefully to file the rough spots down a bit, then clean and treat with coconut oil. Hope this helps some!
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    How to pack Zomo blonde leaf

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  16. hookahdrew

    Al-Waha Dirty Thirty Review

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  18. Gen900

    Is this mold/rust

    bump anyone? here are the better pictures in case first two didnt help https://imgur.com/a/Re3EkUb https://imgur.com/a/Cqb2wE5
  19. ricohookah

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  20. Gen900

    Is this mold/rust

    Hi fellows, I recently cleaned/washed my stem with vinegar/baking soda and noticed some brown/orangish coloring on the bottom of the stem Wondering are these mold/rust in the pictures Is this mold >https://imgur.com/a/JoX1nSu Is this rusted? https://imgur.com/a/PuISpA1 Thanks in advance
  21. Mister Thrice

    My hookah is not giving enough smoke

    I'm concerned about the stem, the area that looks taped or has an acrylic connector above the hose port area? Is that tape? The stem should be an actual pipe, a solid tube running through the stem and heart, but it's hard to tell by the pics... Also, it looks as though your ball bearing may be metal? I recommend everyone to toss that piece of crap and get a plastic BB or airsoft pellet (bigger plastic BB) to replace them. They dont corrode, rust, or gunk up as easy as metal does. Also, when you clean your hookah next, put it in the base, and try 'hitting' the hose post like a pipe, and use your finger or palm or whatever to block the point of the stem where you put the bowl on. If there is any leakage, you should hear a faint hissing sound where the leak is. If not, then it means it's solid, and 99% chance its the purge valve BB. Those are my thoughts on the matter anyhow... Lemme know how it goes, and if the problem persists, maybe we can troubleshoot it some more :3 ...it's a beautiful hookah!!
  22. Hi guys i have steelbase hooka... And it wont give enough smoke.. Sometime when i puff it back that ball baring stuck and after when i smoke it comes to its right plase... Is there any leakage with ball barrijg.. Please be advised as soon
  23. Mister Thrice

    Best Strawberry eliquid in India

    Looks tasty! May give that a shot when I get the time! I like to attempt to make my own shisha with a good eliquid (the only point of a 0% nicotine eliquid in my opinion!) and strawberry is done a million ways by a million people, so I'm always looking for that 'perfect for me' variant!!
  24. Mister Thrice

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    Though this is true, hookah is not just about clouds or flavor. There is tradition, culture, and a loose structure here, also a social element and other caveats that make the hookah community more than just a nicotine fix, or a cloud fix. While I vape also, I was using a hookah long before vape was even an idea, and I will stick with it because it's a hobby, a vice, and everything else I mentioned above, and much more... You don't necessarily need to 'decide between vaping and smoking a hookah' if you are into both, you can do both. I vape on the go, when I want a little nicotine fix, and when I'm home or at a friends or celebrating, or watching movies, I reach for my hookahs. Much classier, and enjoyable (in my humble opinion) than vaping. But everyone has their own opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own.
  25. Mister Thrice

    New Kaloud Lotus?

    Hey all, just checking in/checking up! Curious if anyone has tried the new, gorgeous looking Kaloud Lotus? I have an older model, and it doesn't have the raised 'ribs' on the tray inside the device to keep your coals lifted and stop them from blacking out. That feature alone looks worth it, but then how beautiful the new design is also turns my head!!! Really considering getting this beauty!! Any feedback?
  26. I agree!! This forum died, and I miss it... For me, the hookah community seems to ebb and flow, and seems almost like a fad for 'most' people, but I've been involved in hookahs since... I was a late teenager (just turned 37 this month). It didn't help that WA passed some stupid law in 2009 which ruined all my options for obtaining new, and my old favorite shishas, and up here, all any 'head' shop carries is fumari, or al fakher, and nakhla. I love al fakher, and nakhla, but man oh man am I tired of fumari, and oh how I wish tangiers!!! Yet, I still have my lovely ladies (my hookahs) and I still use them quite regularly, and I sure miss my online peeps to discuss new products with and hear about all these amazing new shisha's I'm gunna have to road trip two states south to get the opportunity to try!! lolz
  27. Drynochmorfin

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    The best way to get as much clouds as possible is to get yourself a vape. Like, seriously. If you're still deciding between vaping and smoking hookah, choose vape. https://www.mygadget.us/products/ijoy-shogun-univ-180w-kit-with-katana-rta is a mode worth trying.
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