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    I'm with Dude, where's my hookah? Dood, where's your hookah dood? Dude, where's my hookah? Dude, where's your hookah dood?? 1. - Tangier's Birquq Boysenberry 2.- Starbuzz Pirate's Cave 3.- Mazaya Oranges and Cream 4.- Nakhla Mint 5.- Fumari Spiced Chai (in an orange bowl if ya got the time) This is my end of 2015 favorite list. It will be different by March of 2016, I'm certain.
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    I can't pick a favorite. There's no way. top 5: Alchemist stout stone mint Pure tobacco lemon mint Tangiers foreplay on the peach Social smoke blue raspberry Haze carnival nights
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    Cardamom's is a spice ... lol ... but nothing different from other yummy AF flavours ... only the aroma and taste is so tasty IMFAO ... ... And then again, every body got his own personal taste ... just sharing what i felt ... Sent from my  DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s iPhone [emoji336]using Hookah.org [emoji100] mobile app
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    There isn't any local shops that carry Tangier's around my area anymore :/ I would have to drive an hour to get some lol or order o line and don't feel like paying 10$ shipping for 500 grams of shisha I'll wait till my next big order and definitely get some! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
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    You're putting words in my mouth, I never said you didn't know anything about hookah, I simply said that it isn't American. Because it isnt. Granted America is a large consumer and has a large and innovative market, but hookah is a middle eastern tradition. I live here too, dont forget that. But rather than argue semantics, I'm just gonna let this go. There's really no need for any kind of drama here. We all love hookah and that's all that matters. Obviously we're all passionate about it so of course there will be disagreements
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    Just mixed a bowl up. Added about 10 drops (the dropper on this bottle is really small) and mixed it real good. I will post an update after I start smoking it.