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    I'm with Dude, where's my hookah? Dood, where's your hookah dood? Dude, where's my hookah? Dude, where's your hookah dood?? 1. - Tangier's Birquq Boysenberry 2.- Starbuzz Pirate's Cave 3.- Mazaya Oranges and Cream 4.- Nakhla Mint 5.- Fumari Spiced Chai (in an orange bowl if ya got the time) This is my end of 2015 favorite list. It will be different by March of 2016, I'm certain.
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    I can't pick a favorite. There's no way. top 5: Alchemist stout stone mint Pure tobacco lemon mint Tangiers foreplay on the peach Social smoke blue raspberry Haze carnival nights
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    We shouldn't even discuss quicklights lol. They're bad period. As far as natural coals go...one month the worst brand becomes the best brand and the best brand becomes the worst. I.e: titanium's and Cocourth were fantastic. Currently titanium is experiencing some blacking out issues and Cocourth just relaunched it's product after a massive fail a while back. I just switch brands every few months because there will never be a coal that is consistent 100% of the time unless someone discovers a way to manipulate rainfall and crop yields lol.
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    This is my first review on here. I don't have any pictures or videos to add but I'll be sure to do that next time. I used the template WolfDen made up. Al Fakher - Peach Amount Purchased: 250g How Packaged: Non-Resealable Bag First Impression Smell: Smells like peach ring candy, the most delicious you can imagine. Shisha Feel: Typical Al Fakher cut, choppy but not too choppy, good amount of juice but not too much. Hookah: No Name Egyptian Bowl: Alien Mini Phunnel Foil: Kaloud Lotus Wind Cover: N/A Type of Coals and Amount: 2 Coco Naras(bigger than average) Clouds: Typical AF, thick and fluffy. Not hard to achieve with good heat management. Buzz: Depends on tolerance level, I don't get a buzz from AF but know people who do. Its a decent medium strength I would say. Flavor: Delicious. Doesn't taste as sweet as it smells, which is a good thing. You can't mistake this for anything other than peach. It's one of my favorite AF flavors and probably one of my favorite flavors overall as well. There isn't a whole lot to say about it other than it's great. If you like candy peach then its for you, if you want natural peach, not so much. Length of Session: A little over an hour, but I was using a small bowl. A bigger bowl will last longer. Overall Impression: Like I said, one of my favorites! =)