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    Thanks for the awesome review just picked up a 50g to try it out and now i'm thinking I'll have to do it sooner than later.
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    damn. just... damn. i would have been worried when i saw the inconsistency of the coals to start with. and i get that coals produce carbon monoxide - that's just what they do - but to increase the air's level to the degree that it sets off a carbon monoxide alarm... NAY. never xhale: because you will have died from carbon monoxide poisoning before you have the chance.
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    Oh my! That is seriously horrible and I have never had a coal do that before, not even quick lights or natural wood. I would have thrown them away as well. This actually makes me want to review some coals myself.
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    This looks nice, but I think longevity can vary - I would maybe use this as: 4. Lasts longer than expected 3. Lasts about as long as expected 2. Lasts shorter than expected 1. Lasts much shorter than expected 0. Not smokable - disgarded bowl I only say this because a small bowl won't last 2 hours, but something like a Harmony may last 4 for Tangiers. The only other thought is I would maybe take Longevity, make it 3 points, and apply an additional point to Clouds. Otherwise, I dig it!