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    I have a feeling that Chernobyl will definitely figure something out with it. LOL
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    Tonights bowl is a mix of the scraps from my Haze Bananarama and some AF Guava. No idea how this is gonna taste hopefully its good lol
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    I too should be going to get everything this week. I gave up on the original idea I had due to over-thinking and blandness in the category of originality. I can't get mizo mint for it because of time restraints, so I hope Chernobyl does something with it!
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    I'm smoking a mix of ice raspberry and mint. Feeling a bit under the weather, probably shouldn't be smoking but fuck it. Gonna make a shisha run tomorrow, see what I want to mix up for the contest
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    Now smoking mobster and 5cents a cup. Can't see the tv behind the clouds. The struggle? Nah. not even close.
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    What are you getting? I was thinking of using some of the mixes I've already done but I'm definitely going to the shop tomorrow to get some new flavors.
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    Set up and waiting for the coals, first bowl ofthe night, some mazaya lemon with mint
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    Just smoked a bowl of Fantasia OG Sweet. One of the only flavors from them that I like and it is awesome!