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    just got the new version of the iPhone app. the ios8 support makes me switch over from tapatalk. this is great!!! I will say the splash image is too big though. no biggie though.
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    The new version of the iPhone app has been approved and should be pushed down any time now
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    Making it a mighty freeze night. Again with blueberry. Coals are about done though.
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    So I lied. I'm completely out of Cane Mint. I feel the Dude's pain. I instead started acclimating some Burley King of Gray. Will be trying that out for sure this weekend, and will probably place an order Friday or so for some more Tangiers and some coals. Maybe a Samsaris if I feel like spending the money. I'm probably going to go for a bowl of Tangiers Strawberry + Nakhla Mizo Mint, but, first, coffee!