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    So I just recently found out that my hose has a split in the side, about half way down so not something I can just cut away, and I am in the market for a new one. Before I go and just blindly buy one, I'd like to know what you hoses guys have or like and why.
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    Nakhla Lemon Hi.I just want to say that this is the first tobacco i have smoked. In my opinion it is an okay tobacco. I find the taste to be a bit soapy but nice. It has a dry looking appearance and a strong lemon smell. It does however smell a bit like washing up liquid. It is high quality , Not the best but acceptable. I smoked this with ice and lemon slices in my older cousins hookah in Hungary. I smoked it with a nice cold and ice filled glass of lemon ice tea (also with lemon slices). I haven't been smoking hookah for long but i have found that i don't really like dry tobaccos that much. I very much prefer wet and juicy tobaccos. the clouds were quite good but not the best. How ever due to it being strong and having a high nicotine content it was nice and relaxing and also fun to smoke. Over all its not an amazing flavour but thats just my opinion. I give it a 5.5/10. I feel as if thats a bit low but if i gave it a 6 it would feel to high. Anyway have a nice day and Thanks for reading.
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    Haze shop near me had a killer deal on these today and I just couldn't resist. Have had my eye on one of these from a few different companies for a long time and I have to say I am not disappointed with my purchase. Its first bowl was packed up with some Haze Subzero with three Titanium coals up top and it was amazing throughout the hour and a half session. Thought I would share for everyone!
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    Hi , i would like to know what is better. I don't smoke with others that much but when i do, i do it with 3-4 people maximum . They are always good sessions but i always feel as if a 2 hose hookah would be better. Is it worth getting a 2 hose?? Are they better?? Or should i stick with 1 hose. Give me your suggestions! Thanks for reading.
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    I know some of yall vape a little and i would like to hear from you. First off i am considering getting a vape. What set up should i get? I was considering a ipv 4 but i dont need a box that gets that many watts. Second whats a good tank? My friend has i believe an Atlantis. And last is there a good grape and mint juice on the market.
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    Thanks mate!! Im 100% just gonna stick for one hose for now.
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    I have a KM Platinum Kamanja that I would try that two hose adapter thing on, because the hookah itself has massive draw... But the other 99% of the time I vote 1 hose hookahs because it allows for a better session not fussing with the airflow, as has been mentioned.
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    That is also a good idea. I sont have many friends with hookahs but i will definitely try out what you said an get them to bring their hookahs. Thanks for the help man , have a nice day!!
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    If you did want to expand to multiple hoses you can purchase auto sealing hose adapters. Some more modern styled hookahs will fit these adapters on the purge ports and will let you add an additional hose. The trade off, which is quite large, is that you can no longer purge the base. This is not much of a problem if the people you are smoking with are constantly pulling on the hookah and not letting it sit for too long without taking a pull. A more "traditional" way (and I use that loosely) is that each smoker has their own hookah and the host tends to each of them as the themselves are smoking and their guests are smoking. Personally my friends bring their hookahs with them so I trust them to tend to their own setups. Its all up to you and your friends man, experiment and find out!
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    I will try to get some pics up on it smoking and toss them up in the gallery if I fire it up tonight.
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    Thank you very much for the reply. I will stick to one hose hookahs.
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    As a rule of thumb one hose is better. With multiple hoses you gotta keep your finger on the hose that's not being used. If you dont you'll have flow problems.
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    It would be nice to see more of your videos more often. They are amazing and your are the only hookah expert i watch and listen to. Could you please do a review of Al Fakher or Soex cinnamon flavour. Keep going with what you are doing. You are awesome.
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    Thanks. We've slowed down on the number of videos that we publish but I'm working on changing that within the next few months too
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    Thank you very much I'm a really big fan of the YouTube channel.
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    Thanks for the review Peter and welcome to the forum
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    My friend has a vape and usually sticks to 30w so thats what im used to also 3nic. I will look into those brands though.
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    I have experimented with vaping for a few reasons, and I have tried the Sigelei Mini (a 30 watt), and an eLeaf 50 watt, both of which are kick ass and cheap, but I've dropped the eLeaf while longboarding once and I picked it up, hit and kept on skatin.' As far as tanks go, the Aspire line is awesome, their Nautilus in like 4 sizes is a win because the draw restriction is just gone, unless you dial it in to restrict... Kangertech Mini is pretty cool, but even full-open draw I get a bit of restriction, if that's your thing. I have vaped .00 - .18 nicotine in these setups, for my girlfriend, and a variety of companies for flavors... Also other vapes, and have built and do build my own coils for my Kangertech... 24 gauge Kanthal wire, 4-5 wraps typically. I vape around 13 watts - 18 watts with the .00 stuff, and get about a 0.04 sub-ohm resistance total. Pretty smooth, and pretty 'low-temp' according to the more heavy vapers on youtube...
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    ...couple more pennies to the pot... I have to say praise about the starbuzz d hose. Just the regular one. Washable, durable, easy to clean... My go-to for sure. I like glass, but am clumsy as all hell...
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    Hands down the regular shika hose. I've had it for going on two years. It's washable fairly sturdy and has been put to intensive use. I swear it's the best 20 I've spent hookah related. It's a bit restricted but that's it's one flaw even though I don't consider it one.
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    Oh, certainly. It's pretty thick glass. In my hand, it feels like it weighs maybe about 20oz. I dunno if dropping it on the floor would survive, but on a couch would be fine. The problem with the glass tip is that, because it's heavy, and because the hose itself is more rigid, the glass tip has a tendency to wonder. I've had it fall off my desk a couple times.
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    Thanks guys. I have actually had a chance to use the Dream hose before and it was enjoyable. Other than the fact that the owner removed the glass tip and we were smoking from the nub it attaches to. Would you say the glass is thick enough to handle a couple drops to carpet or to the couch? I think I may be looking at getting the Dream Hose Hybrid 2.0
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    I use my Dream Hose almost exclusively now. My other hoses just sit on the coat rack in my closet. The glass one is fantastic, but I find the mouthpiece is a little... uh... "phallic"... and it's really heavy. If you want something lightweight but still sturdy, the acrylic is a great option, and I use the acrylic mouthpiece on both the "glass" and "acrylic" hoses that I own. Huge draw, more than most washables, and it's much easier to clean and dry. I can't say they don't ghost, but I find the ghosting is much less than a traditional washable. I can't comment on the aluminum one, as @DK9310 pointed out, as I don't have one, but I've heard great things about that one as well.
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    Aluminum dream hose and aluminum dream hose 2.0. Also starbuzz maximus if you like starbuzz hoses
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    really glad i have all yall support =) means a lot to me