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    We need a dislike button for just this sort of thing. Sorry to hear of your loss
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    Thanks for all the condolences guys. For what's it worth I'll have extras of everything like the bowl the downstem purge and a hose since they didn't want me to ship it back.
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    DUDE. That REALLY sucks. I just had some guitar cables shipped to me from USPS. They said they were delivered when, in fact, they weren't. Magically, they showed up 10 hours later in my front door. I've had the same thing happen several times in the past, and sometimes it's a day or two later when packages "magically appear." I can't tell you how many times I've called USPS and dealt with them only to have zero follow-ups on claims. It's downright irritating. I will pay extra to ship important things via FedEx or UPS these days, because it's just not worth dealing with horrible customer service from a government-run mail agency. That said, I wish you best of luck in getting your new hookah, and I hope it rocks.
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    I'm in web developer hell with some Tangiers Birquq Strawberry + Tangiers Noir Mint.
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    Niiiiiiice. Nice to see you back jHookah NOOOOOOOOOO dude say it ain't so!!!! That must have been some very crappy packing for the base to shatter. Sorry to hear that man. My condolences