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    So someone likes me over at 5star. I ended up with three kilos of Leonara total of 360 coals plus my 72 of coconour total of 432 coals. All for 14$. I'm a happy dude!
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    From noticing how my sisters sit on my couch, I don't think that would be a problem. I have an L-shaped couch which gives me plenty of room to put both hookahs in enough proximity to each side of the couch for them to smoke. Usually they like something mild so I don't think I would put different flavors on both unless they asked. Damn I really can't wait until I have the opportunity of having both going at the same time.
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    I've had 5 hour sessions with one pack of Tangiers and a Harmony bowl.
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    My sessions tend to last for two hours, sometimes up to three if we are watching a movie or two. It all really depends on what bowl I am using and how many people I am smoking with. My longest session was all day but that was a special occasion, it was 4th of July and I just kept it packed and going all day for my guests.
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    Beautiful. My girlfriend has a cat too. I can't trust my dog along with any cats though.
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    I personally like no longer than 45 minute smoke sessions. I usually smoke at home while working though. So once whatever Im working on is done, that means Im done smoking too
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    I'm back from the middle of nowhere. It wasn't a bad weekend, except for the fact our accommodations were horrible. But, I'm happy to be back. I'm gonna get my Tangiers on in just a few.
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    DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyaLZHiJJnE But yeah, that's always an issue with multiple hookahs. If I'm at a party, I usually will set one up with Nakhla or Tangiers, and the other with something much lighter, like AF or Starbuzz, and pick out dramatically different flavors. People will gravitate toward one side of the table or another depending on their preferences in flavor and strength. It keeps things a lot cleaner. The problem is when you create a killer mix in one and everyone loves it and no one really cares for the other, or one is a sub-par hookah compared to the other. Then you've basically set up one hookah for nothing.
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    Having multiple hookahs going looks impressive in and of it self. The one thing that is key if you have more than two going is to setup an order to pass the hoses in, else you start crossing the streams so to speak.
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    You got it! I'll try it when I get home and see how it works. Thanks dude!
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    Smoking a small bowl of grape and mint. Also just put in my order of the 20 flavours i wanted from winning the contest =)
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    Dense overpack. Never fluff haze. Check out hazetobacco.com and they should have an official video on it.
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    Just had an awesome experience at work, a guy came in and brought me a bunch of vape samples, and I'm friggin' stoked!!! Got me an absinthe blend, which has a hint of vanilla and a dash of mint, so that is my favorite... He also gave me a dropper of Kratom, which is awesome, and I'm lookin' forward to trying that too.... Gives me a reason to buy a better rebuildable atomizer for my battery... I wanna try more of these fancy coils... Sorry, just had to rant :3