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    So someone likes me over at 5star. I ended up with three kilos of Leonara total of 360 coals plus my 72 of coconour total of 432 coals. All for 14$. I'm a happy dude!
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    Beautiful. My girlfriend has a cat too. I can't trust my dog along with any cats though.
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    I'm back from the middle of nowhere. It wasn't a bad weekend, except for the fact our accommodations were horrible. But, I'm happy to be back. I'm gonna get my Tangiers on in just a few.
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    You got it! I'll try it when I get home and see how it works. Thanks dude!
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    Smoking a small bowl of grape and mint. Also just put in my order of the 20 flavours i wanted from winning the contest =)
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    Dense overpack. Never fluff haze. Check out hazetobacco.com and they should have an official video on it.