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    Just got my new shipment of 250g SS: Voltage, 50g SS: Mobster, Baja Blue, and Potion 9, and 50g Starbuzz: Geisha, Pirate's Cave, and Green Savior. I decided to get a bunch of Voltage because its my favorite, then just get a bunch of 50g packs of random, off the wall flavors that sounded interesting. XD
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    love your posts keep up the good work!
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    I actually decided to try SS: Mobster. It smells like I opened up a can of Monster, and tastes like it a bit. Theres something else there, too....I just cant figure out what. All in all, I like!
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    That sucks man. Been seeing all the kids crying about the California one and spaced that Illinois was doing it as well
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    Smoking Social Smoke Pandora's Box, listening to birds chirping outside, and reading Howl's Moving Castle. Very relaxing. I was sick for about a week and a half, so I refrained from using my hookah for a few days... my spring break did not go as planned.
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    How is AF Jasmine? I've never tried a jasmine shisha flavor, but I love jasmine tea.
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    I just ordered them on Amazon!