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    I own 2 goodfellas. Don't like 'em.
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    Almost done with my 250 of m cherry should've gotten a half kilo. Smoking my second to last bowl of it right now in one of my oldest bowls: the original harmony. Damn I wish the current ones were as shallow as this one. Nice wide spire too. It has a chip on the rim but it still smokes like charm.
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    Really? You're breaking my heart that's like my favorite bowl for foil and hmd sessions
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    That's a bowl I was considering on getting next, it basically has what I've been looking for
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    Sometimes I really hate that people keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Especially HJ. His stuff gets worse after each one. I mean they all work still but the newest harmony he collaborated with fumari on is seriously 35-40g. What you could do is buy a goodfella bowl. They are pretty close to the og harmonies
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    I wasn't a fan of dark cherry myself. M. cherry however is one of my fave tang flavors. It's actually the only cherry flavor I will smoke.
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    Smoking some maraschino cherry tonight. I mixed maraschino cherry with trifecta apple pie last night and it was a surprisingly good mix! It's like eating apple pie with whipped cream and a cherry on top lol