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    What's up guys? I finally tried the Fantasia's Castro line and well, it leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. However that's one out of three flavors. I hope the others are better. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I haven't smoked in two days because; 1) we had company staying over for a few days that... that...well, I'm not even going to go there. And 2) had plans over the weekend that just didn't allow me to do what I like to do. Other than that I've been having some sessions with my hookah Boyz little rig and the new glass inserts for my hydra bowls. I did try the fantasia F1 series and it's really a huge difference from the old fantasia. It tasted like blueberry and we all know how I feel about blueberry; I love it. My only issue is that it doesn't lasts as long as I would like it to. Next up on my list is the fantasia Castro line. All the reviews I've seen are positive so I can't wait to try them. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Sorry for the prolonged absence everyone. Hope you've all been well! It's been a crazy month but things are finally getting handled lol I haven't been smoking much at all this week due to a stomach bug but before that it's been nothing but al Fakher golden grape and trifecta death by ice mixed or the new brand black lava pineapple. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yup! Not many anymore since the craze died down but you can even get artisan tips for the d hose from crownhookahs.com they look a lot better than the d hose one in my opinion Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I posted that as I was just starting the bowl.... after a few hits, the flavor deepened and I was like, oh, this isn't as light as I thought. I think I might have to get a 250g container to have around for mixing.
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    I wouldn't say melon is a light flavor. I've found it to be quite a rich flavor, enough to only need a small amount to alter the flavor of a mix. It is great nonetheless, and is in my rotation of flavors. This past week was blueberry though, watermelon will likely be next.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I was thinking of setting it up just for the purpose of pictures on social media. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Mixed MYA Heineken & AF Peach ... & What to say, not good not bad though ... LoL Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Thanks DD, glad to know people enjoy reading my essays lmao
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    My tax return was great this year, since I only worked part-time last year due to school. After setting aside money to save and some money towards tuition, I had a decent chunk available for a massive order, and I'll still have some left over. This will last me for quite awhile. AF Melon AF Kiwi AF Mint SS Blue Raspberry SS Citrus Peach SS Pear Chill SS Pink Lemonade I know Alchemist has kind of been up and down in quality, but I decided to give it one more shot. Russian Mule Peppermint Mocha And a bunch of flavors I've been wanting to try out (all 50g): AF Apricot AF Jasmine (not new, but I miss smoking it) AF Plum AF Vanilla (also not new to me, but I wanted some for mixing) AF Cappucino AF Watermelon Mint AF Peach SS Cinnamon Bun SS Passion Fruit Mojito SS Blackberry
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    Nah we can never get tired of reading what you post. I always have moments when I find something so good that I smoke it for a month straight. I'm glad you like the hose. I've been using it for a little while now so I'm pretty sure I can answer any question you have. I'm loving everything about it and is fully washable too. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app Thank you. Maybe this weekend I'll have them all clean and displaying so I can take a proper picture. There are two small hookahs in that picture that you can really see because they are behind the taller ones. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app I told you. That flavor is amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Been the same here man ... just got enough time to check the forum and read all your nice posts ... been on Afzal Pan Raas all this time ... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app Nice collection you got there ... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Thank you. You sure have me beat on the hookah collection. I sold a few of mine over the years to friends getting into the hobby. I miss them but glad to see them go to a good home. I was talking to the missus about that hose after seeing you post about it. It may just be the next thing to be added to my collection. I'm smoking a bowl of AF mint, but I'm sure you guys are tired of me posting the same thing.
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    Oh that's cool. I like the drawers. Thanks for the compliments. I don't think you can really see them all really well and some were being cleaned. In total I know own 13 hookahs. Eventually I'll clean that table and display them all nice and neatly. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile appTonight I'm smoking some fantasia F1 which is a nice blueberry and I'm using my social smoke Izmir and my new pharaoh's swivel hose. I love this hose, solid and with a nice draw. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I was all aboard the hype train for No Man's Sky... I've got a bowl going and Andromeda is downloading. I severely limited my reading of reviews this time around, so I'm pretty excited. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this game.
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    Love Starcraft - my significant other got me into it a few months ago, and now I'm hooked. Playing some Lord of the Rings Online before work. I'm stoked, because my main is a hunter, and a friend just texted me today and asked if I wanted to take archery lessons with her. Um, YEAH. Impatiently waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda to launch. I've pre-ordered, and I have the day off tomorrow, so guess what I'll be doing all day? Even if it's not nearly as good as the other games in the trilogy, I'm probably still going to play the crap out of it.
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    WUT? Is that all you have to clean up? You have it easy. This is my station...I have a lot of cleaning to do. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile appDamn picture didn't come out. Let's try this again... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Sounds very familiar, haha. Smoking a bowl of 80% Mint, 20% Blueberry. I really need to clean up my little "hookah station"
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    Trying out the pharaoh's hookahs swivel hose and I must say I'm impressed of the quality of it and the swivel works flawlessly. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    tiny hookahs are a novelty, but also how a lot of us started hookah... I first had hookah at a hookah bar in Idaho, but my first purchased hookah was a pumpkin we should all be familiar with by now... I still have it, and I will occasionally use it, but it's hard to beat the KM quality for a traditional hookah sesh!!!
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    Smoking some social smoke cucumber chill using my new glass insert for my pharaoh's hydra bowl. I know I have a bunch of new flavors to try out but I didn't think I had enough time tonight to do so. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yeah I think that would be good for the hookah.org account since is very unique. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Smoking some AF orange/mint and playing Lord of the Rings Online! Great way to spend the last part of the weekend.
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    And I never cared for kiwi straight but I think with lime it'll be good, or mint I guess... just never tried that Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app