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    Man that's a pretty pipe. I haven't tried alchemist but it is my understanding they have worked on their recipe to make it not as soupy. I've heard so much negative stuff about them that I just decided not to even bother with it. Damn bro you got one? you are so lucky!
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    Yeah ... Orange with mint AF in my littlr generic portable hookah ... Definitely one of my fav flavour now ... Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4 Bowl looks awesome man ... Kudos to the great find ... [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Smoking this lovely set up now! First time for this brand and stone bowl! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Watch out! DudeWhere'sMyHookah might rip you a new one for saying something even slightly positive about alchemist! Lol. On a more serious note, I think I'll be smoking some sinful mint + pearfect tonight. Stuck at work for one more hour...freedom so close I can taste it.
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    What's up guys? I finally tried the Fantasia's Castro line and well, it leaves a lot to be desired. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. However that's one out of three flavors. I hope the others are better. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I haven't smoked in two days because; 1) we had company staying over for a few days that... that...well, I'm not even going to go there. And 2) had plans over the weekend that just didn't allow me to do what I like to do. Other than that I've been having some sessions with my hookah Boyz little rig and the new glass inserts for my hydra bowls. I did try the fantasia F1 series and it's really a huge difference from the old fantasia. It tasted like blueberry and we all know how I feel about blueberry; I love it. My only issue is that it doesn't lasts as long as I would like it to. Next up on my list is the fantasia Castro line. All the reviews I've seen are positive so I can't wait to try them. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I can get kilos of AF for $35 from an Egyptian deli but too bad I don't smoke much AF lol. Currently smoking some Black Lava Black peach. The brand's new batches are a big improvement. FX apple has ironically become my favorite double apple (I wasn't too impressed with the first batch I tried). Lemon mint is a real winner in my book. I wish black lava sold kilos.
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    They're resealable so they stay fresh and moist for a while. I have had a better experience with the kilo than 250g to be honest. If you can get them at a reasonable price they are worth it. You can end up saving a few bucks over 4 250g packs Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I am too, but I always run out since I don't buy it in bulk like DA, I might next order though, I really love nakhla mint
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    Watermelon [emoji525] AF with Ice & Watermelon icicles in the base ... [emoji12][emoji1360]🥃[emoji100] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    We shouldn't even discuss quicklights lol. They're bad period. As far as natural coals go...one month the worst brand becomes the best brand and the best brand becomes the worst. I.e: titanium's and Cocourth were fantastic. Currently titanium is experiencing some blacking out issues and Cocourth just relaunched it's product after a massive fail a while back. I just switch brands every few months because there will never be a coal that is consistent 100% of the time unless someone discovers a way to manipulate rainfall and crop yields lol.
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    So here's the new hookah I forgot to show, 5star sent me the hose after I let them know I didn't get it but it was a bit of a let down, its unwashable but idk something was wrong with it, my only guess is that it had been sitting a long time and accumulated dust inside because the flavor is just so muted in it and I'd get specks in my mouth of like grime. So I'm just using my nuhose, I've cheated as well and been smoking cane mint from it even though its supposed to be for nakhla double apple only but screw it lol Also on the note of pipe tobacco, I hear captain black was no bueno. There's a lot I wanna try and that stuff isn't on my list xD
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    Well my new hookah came in, its a lot better looking than I expected but I'm just waiting on the hose since they forgot it lmao, but otherwise I'm loving it, its the best looking hookah I have and no leaks! I'm dedicating it to double apple which is what I'm smoking now, haven't posted much since I've been pretty busy with work but yeah
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    Sorry for the prolonged absence everyone. Hope you've all been well! It's been a crazy month but things are finally getting handled lol I haven't been smoking much at all this week due to a stomach bug but before that it's been nothing but al Fakher golden grape and trifecta death by ice mixed or the new brand black lava pineapple. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yup! Not many anymore since the craze died down but you can even get artisan tips for the d hose from crownhookahs.com they look a lot better than the d hose one in my opinion Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I posted that as I was just starting the bowl.... after a few hits, the flavor deepened and I was like, oh, this isn't as light as I thought. I think I might have to get a 250g container to have around for mixing.
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    I wouldn't say melon is a light flavor. I've found it to be quite a rich flavor, enough to only need a small amount to alter the flavor of a mix. It is great nonetheless, and is in my rotation of flavors. This past week was blueberry though, watermelon will likely be next.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    In South Africa we are very limited with good hookah supplies. Nevertheless i did put in a black friday order. Discount wasn't big. Equivalent to a box of Titanium coal 102pcs. Both a friend and I ordered a carton of Mazaya mixed selection, Carton of Ameren mixed selection and 2 boxes of HJ titanium flats each. We don't really get much bigger than 50g packs here. Occasionally I might find some 250g tubs of AF special edition flavours. But not much else Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Smoking AF Grapefruit Mint before heading in to work, and wondering where everyone is? The forums have been kinda dead the last couple weeks.
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    I love Khalil Mamoons. You inspired me to make a hookah now
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    Goood photo! Iv have been in the napkin situation plenty of times I know the feels! Haha The Qt is one of my fav small hookahs Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I don't actively use them, but I have used them in the past. I even made my own for a while. I do have to say they are very cheap and the longevity is astounding. Although in my experiences they changed the flavor of the smoke. Not as badly as a quicklite but it was still there. I'd gladly recommend them however. Just be careful of them popping or splitting Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Really man ... thats a beautiful hookah and m really starting to like that stone bowl ... [emoji1360][emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yes, actually because of @chernobylI was using Starlights for the best part of a year because they carry them in stock at my local smoke shops. Not bad, but I've moved on to other coals simply because I think I have a coal fetish. I have to try everything out there just to say I had them. I'm a big fan of Pharaoh's coals because of their consistency and heat. I"ve also tried the Hookah Boyz Coals which are pretty good as well. I like those because they don't give me a headache at all. Lately I've been ordering my coals from amazon on prime for only $10 per 120ct box. They are called coco hookah and are supplied by a local NJ company which is nice; have to support my local market. LOL They are cheap and work well. I wish they were hotter because in my ignis I have to use 4 of them to get the desired output. I haven't used my lotus since I got my ignis a few months back so I'm not sure how they will work with it... Maybe I should test that tonight. Anyway, I've also tried Ecocha which are very decent. I've also tried haze coals which are my favorite as far as heat. Two cubes in the Ignis and is perfect, however they give me a horrendous headache, so I haven't used them again. As for quicklights, I've actually come across two brands that are really good as far as taste, smell and longevity. The Pharaohs quicklights and a brand named Carbon; they both have a hole in the middle of the disk and have a weight consistency similar to natural coals. I keep those around for when I run out of natural coals which happens more than I would like. I think that's all about my experience with coals. Hope that helped.
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    Another thought guys ... How many natural coal cubes do you prefer starting with in kaloud ...?? Share your thoughts, then i'll tell my experience, coz i seem to be experimening with kaloud and have quite nice findings ... Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4 Another thought guys ... How many natural coal cubes do you prefer starting with in kaloud ...?? Share your thoughts, then i'll tell my experience, coz i seem to be experimening with kaloud and have quite nice findings ... Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Good idea! There's so many tips and tricks for us to share Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Lately I've been playing Oblivion (for whatever reason, I enjoy it more than Skyrim). And more Mass Effect. Always more Mass Effect.
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    Currently having a much needed smoke sesh after a hectic day at work. Smoking a mix of 50% tangiers blackberry, 30 %trifecta pearfect, 20% haze sinful mint in a tangiers small, foil + provost, and 2 Charco flare cubes. Beautiful mix.
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    YAY!!! Congrats!! It will soon be all over and you can enjoy smoking as much as you want to. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I vote throw the shit out and buy better shisha. I go through my assortment every few months and toss everything that's not worth smoking. If I'm going to smoke, I want to enjoy it. I ended up purchasing SS Cucumber Chill and I can't quit smoking it... it's so good. I've been mixing it with Haze Cucumberita to enhance the cucumber-y goodness and make it last longer. Also bought Haze Lime It Up (decent flavor), and Sweet Melon Medley (I don't feel like it even tastes like melon, I barely got any flavor from it and ended up dumping it and loading a new bowl of something else...).
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    I took my first final today and passed with a B-, so celebrating with a bowl of AF Lemon Mint and Haze Lime It Up, whilst studying for my next final tomorrow.
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    I haven't bought anything new besides the gold star and that nasty tin of al waha arctic peach. I need to either finish what I got, or throw all the shit out and buy tasty, good quality shisha. These past two months have been horrible smoking crap. That's all, carry on.
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    What did you end up getting? I've been smoking as always, but lately I'm getting headaches again. It doesn't help I'm smoking crap like Castro's line from Fantasia and desi murli that kicks my ass and smells like swamp-ass. I bought a tin of Al Waha Arctic peach and it smells and taste like chemicals so much that I'm thinking of making that my 3rd container of shisha that I ever throw out. I really need to stop smoking crap and get myself on the trending train and smoke what everybody else is smoking. At least the Gold star tobacco I've been smoking has been very decent. My only complain with it is that it doesn't last as long as I would like. Usually on the second round of coals it doesn't have any flavor left, but it's great for those evenings when I only want to smoke for an hour or so. Lately I've been having a lot of those nights, specially on Mondays when I have the longest nights at work.
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    Post up some pics! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Nice to see you back dude!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile appI didn't smoke much the past few days because I got a stupid cold, but I'm much better now. Been smoking out of my new pharaoh's skull hookah lately. Cool little pipe with an amazing purge. It's truly effortless. Also been smoking a new shisha brand called gold star based out of my neighbor town and it's pretty good. Reminds me a lot of social smoke in every way Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Metal. The glass was tempting, but I don't trust myself to not shatter it instantly... I'm a bit of a klutz. Are there even sites that sell replacement glass tips for the inevitable tragedy of dropping it in the sink?
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    After I posted, I read a ton of reviews about a variety of hoses, and ended up going with the Dream Hose in blue... it'll be here tomorrow! Also, some SS Cucumber Chill and a couple more Haze flavors (Lime It Up and Sweet Melon Medley). I'm all set on hookah accessories and shisha for awhile.
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    You have a few options at that price. Plenty of washables hoses under $30, like Nammor, Khalil Mamoon, Mya, Fancy, Starbuzz, Tonic. Though if I'm going to be honest with you,I'd go for a Dream Hose. They go for $30-45 before shipping, but are worth the money. I bought mine (D-Hose Hybrid 2.0) two years ago, so far I have had no problems with flavors ghosting, it is easy to wash and dry, there is no rusting, very flexible and looks damn near new. On Hookah-Shisha.com the Dream hose in glass and metal handle variants are $29.99 before shipping, but you can get a discount, thanks to this site, for 15% off with the code: hookahorg
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    Well I'm just here smoking some k peach with a wiess beer, pretty nice. Cleaned out the shika after the longest time and using that Thinking about picking up another hookah, probably to make a dedicated DA, but I haven't seen one I really want yet, besides like the really expensive traditional ones like those Turkish hookahs, and there's that Syrian on 5star I've been looking at for god knows how long but it went up in price again lmao, but I don't want it that bad otherwise I'd of gotten the km copy by now
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    Nah we can never get tired of reading what you post. I always have moments when I find something so good that I smoke it for a month straight. I'm glad you like the hose. I've been using it for a little while now so I'm pretty sure I can answer any question you have. I'm loving everything about it and is fully washable too. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app Thank you. Maybe this weekend I'll have them all clean and displaying so I can take a proper picture. There are two small hookahs in that picture that you can really see because they are behind the taller ones. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app I told you. That flavor is amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    You're lucky, half of the features they touted were either not completed or simply not even in the game. Don't even get me started on the "story" you would play through tens to hundreds of hours getting through the universe to reach the center. Only to be started off back at the beginning with your ship broken and being told to do it over again. And they have the nerve to charge $60 for it, as if it's a completed game. Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app LoL ... that happens ... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Been the same here man ... just got enough time to check the forum and read all your nice posts ... been on Afzal Pan Raas all this time ... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app Nice collection you got there ... Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Oh that's cool. I like the drawers. Thanks for the compliments. I don't think you can really see them all really well and some were being cleaned. In total I know own 13 hookahs. Eventually I'll clean that table and display them all nice and neatly. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile appTonight I'm smoking some fantasia F1 which is a nice blueberry and I'm using my social smoke Izmir and my new pharaoh's swivel hose. I love this hose, solid and with a nice draw. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I was all aboard the hype train for No Man's Sky... I've got a bowl going and Andromeda is downloading. I severely limited my reading of reviews this time around, so I'm pretty excited. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this game.
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    I can't wait for the new Mass Effect. I am going to keep an open mind about it though. It's not supposed to be like exactly like the trilogy, just in the same universe. Although, I have to wait until this Friday, I forgot to pre-order. I also tend not to watch any material about new games so that I can make my own decision on the end product and not on what they decide to show in trailers. Especially after what we saw happen to No Man's Sky. Hyped to oblivion and it turned out to be severely lacking.
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    Love Starcraft - my significant other got me into it a few months ago, and now I'm hooked. Playing some Lord of the Rings Online before work. I'm stoked, because my main is a hunter, and a friend just texted me today and asked if I wanted to take archery lessons with her. Um, YEAH. Impatiently waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda to launch. I've pre-ordered, and I have the day off tomorrow, so guess what I'll be doing all day? Even if it's not nearly as good as the other games in the trilogy, I'm probably still going to play the crap out of it.
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    I think I'll try Caña de menta tomorrow or translated into English as cane mint. Sounds familiar? Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Can't wait to see what you think of the others. I haven't had Fantasia in a long while
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    Been one of those weeks where you get too busy to come online. I've been smoking mint and blueberry all week though.