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    Man that's a pretty pipe. I haven't tried alchemist but it is my understanding they have worked on their recipe to make it not as soupy. I've heard so much negative stuff about them that I just decided not to even bother with it. Damn bro you got one? you are so lucky!
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    I love nakhla double Apple man I don't know how I'm not sick of it
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    We,ve been smoking on Khalil Mamoon Orange mint!! Pretty good flavor. Went very well in a green apple fruit bowl. #welovefruitbowls Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Goood photo! Iv have been in the napkin situation plenty of times I know the feels! Haha The Qt is one of my fav small hookahs Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Is that a napkin I see as a bowl Grommet [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I don't actively use them, but I have used them in the past. I even made my own for a while. I do have to say they are very cheap and the longevity is astounding. Although in my experiences they changed the flavor of the smoke. Not as badly as a quicklite but it was still there. I'd gladly recommend them however. Just be careful of them popping or splitting Sent from my Pixel using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I'm definitely going to have to try that this summer. I'm already imagining what frozen peaches with SS Citrus Peach would be like...
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    Just my invention to amplify my hookah experience ... Lol I just freeze some fruit slices respective to my shisha flavour ... Like in here, i froze watermelon pieces beforehand and used them with ice in the base ... Serves dual purpose ... Cools the water in the base and slighly enhances the flavour ... [emoji106][emoji106][emoji16] Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Smoking some SS Passionfruit Mojito while I do some homework - I only have 50g, so I ordered 250g... it's quite good. Delicious - I really dig AF Watermelon, especially with mint. What are these icicles you speak of??
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    Really man ... thats a beautiful hookah and m really starting to like that stone bowl ... [emoji1360][emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yes, actually because of @chernobylI was using Starlights for the best part of a year because they carry them in stock at my local smoke shops. Not bad, but I've moved on to other coals simply because I think I have a coal fetish. I have to try everything out there just to say I had them. I'm a big fan of Pharaoh's coals because of their consistency and heat. I"ve also tried the Hookah Boyz Coals which are pretty good as well. I like those because they don't give me a headache at all. Lately I've been ordering my coals from amazon on prime for only $10 per 120ct box. They are called coco hookah and are supplied by a local NJ company which is nice; have to support my local market. LOL They are cheap and work well. I wish they were hotter because in my ignis I have to use 4 of them to get the desired output. I haven't used my lotus since I got my ignis a few months back so I'm not sure how they will work with it... Maybe I should test that tonight. Anyway, I've also tried Ecocha which are very decent. I've also tried haze coals which are my favorite as far as heat. Two cubes in the Ignis and is perfect, however they give me a horrendous headache, so I haven't used them again. As for quicklights, I've actually come across two brands that are really good as far as taste, smell and longevity. The Pharaohs quicklights and a brand named Carbon; they both have a hole in the middle of the disk and have a weight consistency similar to natural coals. I keep those around for when I run out of natural coals which happens more than I would like. I think that's all about my experience with coals. Hope that helped.
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    OH NO!!! that always sucks when some of your favorite hoses break or get stolen. I'm sure you'll come up with something great soon. Just make sure you share your creations with us. We love to salivate over beautiful hookah accessories.
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    So on that note I got the lemon exchanged not too long ago and started getting into modding oblivion, when I messed it up again, since I was using my friend's steam version of the game I just uninstalled everything and ordered the elder scrolls anthology, gonna be fun
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    Who's the Fan of Afzal Lime & Lemon ?? [emoji522] Quite distinct and different ... Thinking of adding a bit of AF mint too ... what say Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    AF Mojito ... In my Generic QT Hookah & Harmony Bowl ... Nd theres those natural wood lump coals in the kaloud ... Just Bliss ... [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Haha thank you! You definitely wouldn't be unhappy! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    LoL ... not like stolen, just forgot them at friend's house after sleepover and that was the end of them ... [emoji12][emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Yeah kinda same for me ... i usually split the nat cube into half and use three halves in lotus ... sometimes that works perfect and sometimes its too much heat ... moreso now as its summers here, and mercury is going crazy touching 40 deg celsius ... [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app Wonderfully expressed experience man ... Useful ... [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I prefer to use flats compared to cubes, but I would follow the general rule of 2-3 cubes in a Lotus depending on the heat output. Good to know I have some influence I don't blame you for moving on though. I like to get a new brand every once in a while. I would be remiss if I didn't. There could be a gem of a coal and I would never know it. I've also used the Ecocha. They were very good. Although for me they were too pricey.
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    Yeah ... Orange with mint AF in my littlr generic portable hookah ... Definitely one of my fav flavour now ... Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4 Bowl looks awesome man ... Kudos to the great find ... [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s Redmi Note 4
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    Smoking this lovely set up now! First time for this brand and stone bowl! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Watch out! DudeWhere'sMyHookah might rip you a new one for saying something even slightly positive about alchemist! Lol. On a more serious note, I think I'll be smoking some sinful mint + pearfect tonight. Stuck at work for one more hour...freedom so close I can taste it.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    I have so many great hoses but I always choose any of the silicone ones I own. It's just better for me all around. Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    Hey all ... was curious as to how many here prefer silicon hoses ... I for a fact like to use only silicon hoses now, so damn easy managing 'em ... Sent from my  DrSatwinder[emoji769]'s iPhone [emoji336]using Hookah.org [emoji100] mobile app