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    Just returning after quite a big break ... Actually hookah.org app isnt working as of right now as well ... Thus checked it on chrome and voila ... Lets revive our hookah community again ... Let's share our thoughts nd experiences ...
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    So I ended up ordering the HJ Ferris bowl. It should arrive by Thursday so I can make use of it.
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    Just sharing a video of a guy on youtube who makes some interesting hookahs out of copper plumbing bits and bobs... His first couple of steampunk hookah videos were great, but he used quick lights and some of his custom built bowls had some brass components which im not sure about as far as heat and brass goes, but I thought I'd share his video here as it's pretty cool to watch, and it's a really nice, simplistic hookah concept, and if ya feel squirrelly you can totally make this!! Due to a 403 error I keep getting I'm just going to provide the information to find his video to see if it will let me post. The doods channel is "Banjo Show" And the title of the video is "How to make copper hookah DIY" Pretty awesome stuff, hope you all enjoy!!
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    From the album: Hookahs - Past and Present

    Sold this one in 2013. It was a good little hookah.