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    It's ironic that I see this on my forum news feed since I turn 25 today lol
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    Helllllloooooo hookah.org, it's been a bit. Life has been up and down for me. Haven't really had the money to really buy hookah supplies so I've been savoring what I have. Even tho I'm hardly posting (which definitely needs to change) I'm always lurking haha. I also have a Facebook now if anyone would like to add me. Not too good at using it yet since it seems like it's changed alot...but anyways. Smoking some fumari tutti frutti with the little last bits of the spiced chai. This bowl is going alot better than expected.
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    Yeah absolutely, I've dabbled a bit on hookahpro when I was having problems getting my stuff to smoke well, I mean it was okay but I got the vibe that I wasn't welcome, the people on there seemed like the kind of people you would find on idk, 4chan or something? Never used that so its just a guess lol, I've read through some posts on Royal hookah forums and Reddit, reddit actually seemed okay but it had some big drama with stuff like the ferris bowl, johns site was okay too but meh, its a lot nicer here, I think that this being a smaller forum helps too, the most drama you'll find here is the occasional rant on something like the Ferris bowl I mentioned, or matt and dude going back and forth a bit on mya products but there's no bad blood or anything, here people understand the difference between debating different opinions to just being a pompous jerk, and everyone is helpful, also I'm smoking cane mint again, tried double foil this time and a bit of a lower pack, its going alright
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    here is a video I made about the app of hookah. Org for Android. Let me know what you think.
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    Gotta get the real thing. Come out to vegas and I'll show you the real way to clean them and get the best smoke possible! I'll come see you as soon as my Vegas ban is lifted by the gf. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Happy new Year!!!!! Here is my review for a new line from starbuzz and a really interesting flavor. ALso i try a new review style, so please let me know what you think, Dude looking at you. :} Anyhow, have fun and keep smoking!!!
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    TEA!!! Most definitely tea! Sometimes I like to pair it with my smoke, like Dude said, but mostly, I like mix-matching. I love green tea and black tea, fruit teas and herbal teas, so I'm happy with most any of them... Snacks are important because I almost exclusively smoke alone (George Thorogood shoutout), and when I do smoke with people, they are new to the hookah experience at all, much less all the nuances of my snobberies... The second they mention they've had hookah before, and it was with quick lites, I just don't like it when they talk anymore... So snacks, and drinks, and hookah! I'll talk, you listen... Let's start with the cardinal rule of hookah sessions: NO QUICK LIGHT TRASH. Ahem, sorry... But along the snack notes, I am no chef, but my parents are both awesome cooks, and I have our family cook book, and they taught me how to cook, so I'm at least nearly as good as they are, but they will always be better due to experience alone... But I like to make light meals for hookah sometimes... Especially BBQ... Skewers/kebabs, seafood (as I am a vegetarian, this is as far as I go into the 'meat' world anymore), veggies, mushrooms, and I have no qualms cooking meat for the omnivores... Damn... it's 2am and I have to get up in 2 hours to get ready for work... Guess it's time for a hookah session with some friggin' energy drink... Stupid insomnia crap
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    My friends who do drink I don't like bringing my hookah around, because they have no consideration and aren't careful, I'm sure its nice when you have a drink and friends who know how to relax and be responsible but not when they're drunk and stupid lol
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    The seasoned community members know about your lack of flavor guys. It wasn't old stock it was your entire process of creation. More "juice" doesn't mean more flavor, look at how nakhla lasts and there is minimal "juice" yet the flavors are in your face the entire session. To say the juice holds the flavor is a very newbie type of statement, I mean there is a reason why you guys sell so many vape pens compared to actual shisha. Glad to see you trying to address the issue don't get me wrong, but anyone who has been around in the industry long enough knows about the lack luster quality of fantasia. signed, The Dude.
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    My name is Jo! Hookah smoking has been a hobby of sorts for a few years - I adore the social aspect, and experimenting with different flavor combos. Where I live in the Midwest, I don't meet a lot of people who share this interest, so I thought it'd be nifty to join an online forum. I only own one hookah - a Mya Chic - and it has served me well for several years. My stash of shisha and various devices and accessories has been growing over the last year or so - I think I'm at six hoses right now (they just sort of accumulate), so at some point, I want to invest in a larger two hose hookah. I'm currently focusing on surviving college, and I work with the pediatric oncology population, so it's nice to be able to come home and relax while smoking a delicious bowl with friends. Current favorite shisha: Social Smoke's Honeydew Melon, with a little Al Fakher mint... I'm a sucker for anything melon. Current favorite coals: Titanium Coconut - previously, Coconara, but I went through a couple boxes last year that seemed to be of subpar quality, so I switched. Still on the hunt for a perfect coal. Current favorite hose: Mya Silicone hookah hose, so easy to clean! The weight feels nice as well. Cat hair sticks like mad to it, so I have a hose cover. Here's my shisha collection - a wee bit disorganized at the moment.
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    Man I swear this is the only positive hookah environment on the Internet. Hookah johns Facebook group the circle of friends has its moments but reddit, hookahpro, and especially hookah enthusiasts Facebook group have to slam you no matter what. It's constantly like "oh you do things different than me fuck you" any new users reading this you have picked the absolute best place to have hookah talks. -end rant Currently smoking nakhla Mizo blueberry with some fumari guava on top to make it a little more wet which on Facebook means you get called out. Lol
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    I usually go with 4 to get it going well, then drop it to 3 if it gets too harsh. This is just a random phunnel I picked up on hookah-shisha.com
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    New video, my review of Tangiers Dark Cherry, this is strong and super tasty, it's like a blow pop, and it's becoming a new favorite for sure. https://youtu.be/aA1wvcmwdyQ
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    Honestly because they are a bit expensive and I'm not a fan of glass. It's okay though, this works fine for me
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    I've been using the shirt method to smoke while playing a game. That is, I shove the hose through my shirt sleeve and out of the collar. That way I can smoke with both hands planted firmly on the keyboard and mouse. I need a picture of this
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    I have used juices but I never felt like it was worth it. Honestly most of the flavor is going to come from the shisha and if you want to accent it you should just drink/eat some thing that goes with the flavor.
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    I was intrigued by all the hoses out there and decided to get one I could reuse instead of it being thrown away or rust away in about a year. Saw the Dream hose aluminum, green in color, and totally wanted it....but they were sold out. I ended up buying the glass variant (which is awsesome too). Couple months down the road I saw they had it again, so I snagged one. Totally worth it!
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    I wish you the happiest of birthdays!
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    Did I say "meow??" Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumping around all nimbly-bimbly from tree ta tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer!? Now you shut the hell up, right meow!!" sorry Dude, but that's totally your fault. Plus I have like a nerd's case of o.c.d. or something, I can't pay attention. snerk. Nakhla douple apple for the day today. Planning on getting a KM chiller soon, their bare basic one for testing. Also an ice tip hose, but, not sure which to go with. Dont wanna pay a lot because its a friggin ice cube tray straw thing... Ya know??
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    Taking it easy and smoking a bowl of nakhla orange.
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    Thank you all for entering into the contest. Here are the winners: - Video Prize: hookahmatt - Postcard Prize: Sandskid - Participant's Prize: Jadii Congratulations to all of you. Please PM me your name, email, mailing address, and phone number to send your prize over.
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    Got my Hulu and hookah! Smoking a blend of nakala lemon and AF mint. So relaxing. Loving the way the sunlight hits the smoke as well. Wish it wasn't -20 outside though. By the way, why am I having trouble attaching images? Before I post it tells me I have a photo as an attachment, but after I post it doesn't show...