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    So I picked this beauty up this weekend!! It is a 27 inch ice chamber hookah, custom made in Lebanon for the military guy I bought it from on Craigslist. It has a crystal base, four hose ports, each with their own purge-valve cage before the hose ports, a drainage valve on the ice chamber, and a female stem. It also has an interesting ash tray that goes into the female port on top, and then the ash tray, being hollow and about an inch tall (not pictured) has 3 more female ports to accept all three of the male, Lebanese bowls it came with. They are all glazed on the outside, but unglazed on the inside. I cleaned it up, since the guy had only smoked out of it two or three times when he got it before he figured 'hookah wasn't his thing' and then it sat in a box for 20 years. So old, sure, but still like-new, which is also rare! Once cleaned up, and I removed all the bb's he had in the purge port areas before the hose port attachment, and replaced 3 with the plastic bb's you can get from pretty much most hookah sites these days. I marked the one port with a twist tie so I knew I could purge through that one, essentially turning the other three ports into purge valves, as, I typically smoke alone, though, I prefer at least one other friend to smoke with (something to be said here about the social element of the hookah world). It has a narrow stem, though the restricted draw is due to the purge-valve like ports the hose ports thread onto. They are very, very narrow inside. So I smoked with two of the nasty little Mya-like hoses (which were clean, I just don't like those hoses being a sili hose guy now...) I love it! It has a laundry list of 'honey-do's' I need to address to make it smoke the way I know that it can, and will, once completed. I couldn't resist this part, but my first bowl was also Starbuzz: Lebanese Bombshell. Yeah, I'm a ham like that. All I can say is 'wow.' I'm very used to unrestricted draws from my KM Platy Kamanja, so this was different having to hit it longer than normal. I had a single layer of heavy foil on the bowl, and 2x titaniums because they are still my favorite coal, though, I think I'm waning to the cubes these days and feeling less enchanted by the flats. Had to share this gem, as it is older than most of the people I do end up smoking my hookah with. It seems, at least up here, that people 'fallout' of the hookah scene around their 20's for whatever reason. Their loss, really. Cigarettes aren't my bag. I got into vaping for a bit, and that's every bit as expensive, laborious, and involved as hookahs, but working with something traditional, and classy like a hookah trumps any mod box and RDA I've come across.. No offense meant to the vape scene people, but I'm falling out of the vape scene and sticking to my hookahs. Had to show and tell, and share this gem with you all!! I dated a Lebanese chick for a while, and this brought back all the good times we had. Very nostalgic. I'm having mom crochet me another doily for this, silver, with the green Cedar family 'leaves' as the accent piece for it (the doily), as, all of my 'real' hookahs have custom doily's by mom. Also my bowl collection also has these doilies. What can I say? I'm a nerd-snob-thing!!! Lolz Happy smoking to all and to all a good hookah!! <3
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    It's ironic that I see this on my forum news feed since I turn 25 today lol
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    I couldnt find a sponsor for the second prize (I didn't look that hard either) so I'm going to put it up myself. Three 50gram Social Smoke flavors for the second place
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    Here is the plasti dip all dried. What do you guys think?
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    Hope everyone is doing well! Tonight I have 50/50 of lavoo double dark mint and vintage Delhi tea going in the mason bowl. A huge opportunity just plopped in my lap to write the blog articles for mason shishaware. I feel like this is the culmination of all my years of smoking. One step closer to working in the industry! Nima if you're reading this I can't thank you enough for all of the great information you've passed along and getting me started with videos. I will never leave this place of course it may sound like I'm moving on but that's not even remotely the case. I just wanted to tell you guys the great news. Happy smoking everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Hookah.org mobile app
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    In my experience al fakher is usually really heat resilient and coconara coals don't put out any heat so three will be fine. Pack it a little more dense too. I get thunderous clouds and 2 hours that way
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    Just got back from a work trip and testing out all my new stuff. Smoking starbuzz blue mistry using a phunnel and lotus. A Km hose as well
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    Carnival nights is such a great flavor. Easily one of Haze's best.
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    Mix I've been enjoying lately. Carnival nights (mint, vanilla, sweet cardamon) lemon, and mint. Been trying to get artsy lately with my pics.
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    That sounds awful. Reminds me of econometrics. That class was a nightmare lol. Smoking ss mojito. Not what I expected, in a good way. Social smoke has this unique taste to it though. Does anyone besides me get like a slight coating on their tongue when smoking it? I think it's the glycerin that they use. Anyways, new York has a 21 and over law for tobacco now too. I'm glad I don't have to worry about these stupid age requirements for tobacco and alcohol anymore.
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    Time for a daily sesh with my lovely Lady... Got my interwebs back, so hopefully will be posting at least 10x as much now... I apologize in advance to all who this Ogre bothers... Today it's my KM kamanja, a harmony bowl, starbuzz's fuzzy lemonade, in a base with chopped lemon slices and a bunch of fresh squeezed lemon juice, and ice water, but no ice (I like loud hookahs, I like loud noises). Tasty stuff... I really, really dig 90% of starbuzz's mixed drink flavors so far. I'm not even finished messing with their original line, but then I will move onto bold... But it's expensive, so it's never my primary shisha. Congrats on the new guinea pig line, Dude, I look forward to catching up on youtube!!
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    Here is what I will be playing for a while.
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    My newest hookah. C9 is the brand. Generic km copies but lesser quality. Overall it's a good pipe only a few construction issues. Smoking samba lemon mint which is pretty damn good. This is all courtesy of hookahjunkie.com just won their giveaway
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    Shipment came in today, and I'm also doing my first bowl with my new Lotus. So far,....I'm actually impressed. Smoking some FML....I dont taste medicine, but damn is it strong. Feels like I have the throat and lungs of Mr. Freeze. XD Still smoking beautifully, but theres a strange smell I get sometimes. Its either the FML I'm not used to smelling since theres no foil, or its because its the first time I'm using the Lotus......or both lol.
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    Smoking Social Smoke Pandora's Box and watching the second half of The Return of the King (extended edition, of course). Excellent pairing.
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    Helllllloooooo hookah.org, it's been a bit. Life has been up and down for me. Haven't really had the money to really buy hookah supplies so I've been savoring what I have. Even tho I'm hardly posting (which definitely needs to change) I'm always lurking haha. I also have a Facebook now if anyone would like to add me. Not too good at using it yet since it seems like it's changed alot...but anyways. Smoking some fumari tutti frutti with the little last bits of the spiced chai. This bowl is going alot better than expected.
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    Yeah absolutely, I've dabbled a bit on hookahpro when I was having problems getting my stuff to smoke well, I mean it was okay but I got the vibe that I wasn't welcome, the people on there seemed like the kind of people you would find on idk, 4chan or something? Never used that so its just a guess lol, I've read through some posts on Royal hookah forums and Reddit, reddit actually seemed okay but it had some big drama with stuff like the ferris bowl, johns site was okay too but meh, its a lot nicer here, I think that this being a smaller forum helps too, the most drama you'll find here is the occasional rant on something like the Ferris bowl I mentioned, or matt and dude going back and forth a bit on mya products but there's no bad blood or anything, here people understand the difference between debating different opinions to just being a pompous jerk, and everyone is helpful, also I'm smoking cane mint again, tried double foil this time and a bit of a lower pack, its going alright
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    here is a video I made about the app of hookah. Org for Android. Let me know what you think.
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    Gotta get the real thing. Come out to vegas and I'll show you the real way to clean them and get the best smoke possible! I'll come see you as soon as my Vegas ban is lifted by the gf. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Happy new Year!!!!! Here is my review for a new line from starbuzz and a really interesting flavor. ALso i try a new review style, so please let me know what you think, Dude looking at you. :} Anyhow, have fun and keep smoking!!!
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    TEA!!! Most definitely tea! Sometimes I like to pair it with my smoke, like Dude said, but mostly, I like mix-matching. I love green tea and black tea, fruit teas and herbal teas, so I'm happy with most any of them... Snacks are important because I almost exclusively smoke alone (George Thorogood shoutout), and when I do smoke with people, they are new to the hookah experience at all, much less all the nuances of my snobberies... The second they mention they've had hookah before, and it was with quick lites, I just don't like it when they talk anymore... So snacks, and drinks, and hookah! I'll talk, you listen... Let's start with the cardinal rule of hookah sessions: NO QUICK LIGHT TRASH. Ahem, sorry... But along the snack notes, I am no chef, but my parents are both awesome cooks, and I have our family cook book, and they taught me how to cook, so I'm at least nearly as good as they are, but they will always be better due to experience alone... But I like to make light meals for hookah sometimes... Especially BBQ... Skewers/kebabs, seafood (as I am a vegetarian, this is as far as I go into the 'meat' world anymore), veggies, mushrooms, and I have no qualms cooking meat for the omnivores... Damn... it's 2am and I have to get up in 2 hours to get ready for work... Guess it's time for a hookah session with some friggin' energy drink... Stupid insomnia crap
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    My friends who do drink I don't like bringing my hookah around, because they have no consideration and aren't careful, I'm sure its nice when you have a drink and friends who know how to relax and be responsible but not when they're drunk and stupid lol
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    Greetings from the artic! This is DudeWhere'sMyHookah bringing you yet another review on the brand Social Smoke, this one is on Artic Lemon . To start Social Smoke is a very popular brand that is based out of Texas. They use all natural ingredients and no chemical dyes whatsoever. Their tobacco itself is my favorite thing to look at hookah related as it is so natural and honey colored, it really pleases the eye. They also boast that no preservatives are present in their tobacco which is odd to me considering their products do not have expiration dates like most other companies. Putting that aside their tobacco is easily in the top 3 brands for me as nearly everything they make has been a great smoke. Personally I feel they do citrus best which is why I went ahead and picked up artic lemon to try out. Artic lemon like the name states is very very cold and unforgiving like the artic itself. Upon opening the flavor you are greeted with a strong aroma of lemon candies and a minor bit of cooling. The lemon is very appealing to me as lemon heads are one of my favorite treats. As for the cooling you don't smell much of it. You just get little hints of it here and there and it is not a mint by any means to me, more like a menthol. As for the taste, holy crap ladies and gentlemen. This flavor rivals the strongest mints on the market today whether you are a cane mint lover, mizo mint fiend, or a fml junkie, this one will be right up there contending for first in regards to cooling. Taking your first drags you might even have to back off of it as it is just so darn cold to the throat and lungs. I would not recommend this as a first mint flavor to anyone other than a seasoned mint enthusiast. The lemon doesn't even come through until the half hour mark so prepare yourself for absolute zero degree temperatures until then. Yes, pun intended. This is definitely a mix of mostly Social Smoke absolute zero with their lemon drop flavor and maybe a touch of their standard lemon flavor. If you like any of these flavors this should be on your list to try asap. Please note that the more heat on this flavor the more the menthol comes out. Now I'm not really a menthol type of smoker. Back when I smoked cigarettes I did enjoy the occasional menthol but when it comes to hookah the more natural and candy the mint is the better. I do enjoy this flavor but I do a little bit of mental preparation before I just get right into it. As I said this flavor will be absolute degrees going into your lungs. I wish that the lemon drop flavor would come through more but as soon as the cooling aspect begins to fade it does become more pronounced. The lemon is never in your face which is a drawback for me but many say with most lemon with mint flavors they need more mint, this one will be the exception to that rule. All in all this flavor is a great choice for the mint fiends out there. It could even be used as a novelty just to bring out with close friends and see who is man or woman enough to take the first half hour. For mixology obviously more lemon would be good, mojito, citrus mint, and cherry are top contenders as well. I see this as being a good choice for a hot summer day or even in winter time to compare to lemon candy canes. I give this an 8 out of 10 merely because I'm not a menthol hookah person and I would like more lemon drop to be in it. EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja, Fumari base, Tangiers small phunnel, Kaloud Louts, Dream hose with an acrylic tonic tip, 2 titanium cubes, and 1 cocobuzz flat
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    The seasoned community members know about your lack of flavor guys. It wasn't old stock it was your entire process of creation. More "juice" doesn't mean more flavor, look at how nakhla lasts and there is minimal "juice" yet the flavors are in your face the entire session. To say the juice holds the flavor is a very newbie type of statement, I mean there is a reason why you guys sell so many vape pens compared to actual shisha. Glad to see you trying to address the issue don't get me wrong, but anyone who has been around in the industry long enough knows about the lack luster quality of fantasia. signed, The Dude.
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    I wish how it's made would do a ep on hookah, I think it would be cool.
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    Hey everyone new to this forum. My friends recommended this and I just can't wait to get in touch with you guys. And my love for Hookah is Never ending
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    Smoking a bowl of Al Fakher Blueberry. Watching Star Wars Episode V. Trying to re watch all before I watch the new one.
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    Please welcome DudeWhere'sMyHookah as our latest moderator helping us with managing the forum. Thank you Rob.
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    Just bought this.30inch Al Fakher single pipe egyptian
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    Haze shop near me had a killer deal on these today and I just couldn't resist. Have had my eye on one of these from a few different companies for a long time and I have to say I am not disappointed with my purchase. Its first bowl was packed up with some Haze Subzero with three Titanium coals up top and it was amazing throughout the hour and a half session. Thought I would share for everyone!
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    If you did want to expand to multiple hoses you can purchase auto sealing hose adapters. Some more modern styled hookahs will fit these adapters on the purge ports and will let you add an additional hose. The trade off, which is quite large, is that you can no longer purge the base. This is not much of a problem if the people you are smoking with are constantly pulling on the hookah and not letting it sit for too long without taking a pull. A more "traditional" way (and I use that loosely) is that each smoker has their own hookah and the host tends to each of them as the themselves are smoking and their guests are smoking. Personally my friends bring their hookahs with them so I trust them to tend to their own setups. Its all up to you and your friends man, experiment and find out!
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    Yea I was pretty baffled at how they sent this. I'm just like, if I were a business owner and I actually wanted to make money, why would I send out orders in a manner that causes more problems for me with doing returns and exchanges and whatever else. Just do it right the first time and you never need to worry about it again. I am happy to see they have been removed from the trusted vendors list. We should really get both Mint Crate and 5 Star up there.
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    Step 1: Find a snowy plain, cave, or forest Step 2: Set up and smoke hookah there Step 3: Enjoy a cold smoke... ...it had to be said
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    Alright everyone. Thanks to Chernobyl for helping with putting the contest winners into the excel sheet and using a tool to pick the winners. You can see all the entries here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pTWT_Wv7YMN8_Uq4F8Bl_JjA50dTOt7L2EpHlmHl8o8/edit#gid=0 And the winners are: 1) Desroth 2) mcchung303 3) jHookah Congratulations to the winners Please message me your full name, phone number, and address and I will have your prizes mailed out to you
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    As most of you might already know, I'm a sponsored reviewer with hookah-shisha. But I ordered from them longggg before that and long before I was ever even a reviewer in the first place. They are a killer company with loads of good people working for them. Have a problem with your order? Call or hop on the live chat and almost always it will be resolved by the time you hang up. The prices are a bit higher than other vendors, but I think that's due to them being in Texas which has one of the highest tobacco taxes in the US. They have a great selection too. I've only had an order messed up once, and it was that they sent me a box of coals that was bigger than the one I ordered so I can't even complain lol they said it was because the one I ordered was out of stock so they gifted me the larger one. Awesome customer service always.
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    I can't wait till Sunday. My gf is flying to Myrtle Beach for her birthday and is going to be going for 3 days. I'm going to grab both hookahs and smoke in every room in the apartment until my face turns blue. I'm going to make sure I have plenty of coals and shisha and I'm going to have them going all day long and just jump from one to the other. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
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    I did a little signal boost on this since there aren't many entries. Posted on twitter, facebook and tumblr. =)
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    HookahSet.com has sponsored our giveaway and is giving us the Apple on Top bowl. We had a recent it so I thought what better to ask than that.
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    I love that place. Thanks for the review to get me interested. The manager Alex is a very down to earth guy. He knows quite a bit about hookah and his food is just out of this world amazing. He had some traditional Russian music playing that would switch to dancier Russian stuff. It was never too loud. I ordered the beef and home fries and my girlfriend ordered fish and chips. She got a mountain of food for under 10 and my portion was no baby either! We also got the fresh mint black tea. It was better than we make at home haha. For the pipe we ordered lollypop. A mix of lemon, cherry, and orange. Based on the flavor list I assumed it was AF. I didn't ask but next time I will! Anyway it comes to the table strapped down to a large metal tray with bunjee chords. That was a very innovative way to solve any rocking because they put them on the tables; as opposed to the traditional middle eastern fashion. It looked like a mya pipe based on the way it screwed into the vase, the multiple hose ports, tell-tale downstem and purge, and the vase itself. The server placed it on the table and came back in ten minutes with 3 cube coals. We began puffing on the Egyptian bowl and it really did taste like one of those marble looking lollipops usually next to the counter at a market. The clouds didn't take off until after we ate (the food came quick as we were one of three couples there the only ones smoking at that haha) and then the orange took center stage for a bit. It was a good bowl but one drawback was that the grommet for the bowl wasn't dry or didn't fit right because our bowl did tilt... The average customer that doesn't know about these things happening would have been alarmed, but not The Dude! I won't even take points off for that because things happen like during sessions to even the best of us. I did see a few grommets, I think two can't confirm the third because of the lighting, so they have to look into updating that. Still no points off. Overall if you come to vegas, get down here. Right off the strip on Tropicana, which is a great point to jump off into any part of the city, the best Russian food in town, and cheap but quality shisha! Very homey feel, like you are a welcome guest in a Russian kitchen.
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    So chanel and I came to the same conclusion last night. Starbuzz is probably gonna go bye bye for us after we finally had tangiers. Wow, we couldn't believe how good it.was
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    Hanging out with a friend - just smoked a bowl that was a weird combination of AF mint w/cream, some old Alchemist Professor Gumbledore I found at the bottom of my shisha box, and SS mint. Not bad. Next bowl is Starbuzz Pirate's Cove/SS Japanese Yuzu.
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    It's been a Nak DA kind of day. Went the traditional way and packed it in an egy. Digging the freshness and the new cut. Having a nice glass of arak with it to enhance the anise undertones.
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    Yeah Tangier's!!! Damn I miss that stuff!!! Got a smidgeon of Peach Iced Tea left... Kinda savin' that for special occasions now, wtf!!! lolz
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    So I got a new job as a warehouse monkey, and I get my first (real, as in full hours) paycheck on the 15th. I will be sending in a shisha order, because I've been living off of 50 gram boxes several times a week, and that is not how you save money, by any means... So here's my conundrum: I want a lime-y margarita. I also want about a kilo of it, and I am considering just a tub of Starbuzz Pirate's Cave, as it's my favorite flavor they have. I was also referred to Nakhla Margarita, so will be trying out a 250g of that as well. My question is 'does anyone have any other input on a lime-y margarita flavored shisha?' I'm not too keen on fantasia. I'm very curious about Tangier's F-Line as well, as I seem to remember seein' something about a 'New Lime' flavor... not sure if it's available in F-Line, but I do love my caffeine, but I am unfortunately against all forms of coffee. I know, I'm a terrible human. Anyhow, thanks for any feedback guys. Don't hate because I like some Starbuzz, aaaaand go smoke something tasty
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    Nakhla mint with my newly bought silicon hose
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    So, I went to a new smoke shop the opened up today I think? But the guy gave me 4 packs of some Tangiers for FREE!!! He gave me Apricot, Lime, Red tea, and Vanilla. Acclimating process is a go for Red tea, and Vanilla. Hopefully Ill have a decent try with the red tea tomorrow! Updates to come...
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    One problem I see with the trusted vendor system is that most of the actual trust worthy vendors aren't on it because they simply don't know about it or might not want to pay. For example, 5 star hookah is easily the best vendor out there, they have everything at good prices and exceptional customer service. But they will never get one ounce of attention here because they will likely not pay for it, they don't even need to pay for advertising(or a "trusted store" listing, same thing) because they are so good that word of mouth carries them along. I like the idea of them having to be more heavily vetted before being added though. If I was you Nima, I would get rid of the name trusted store and just start calling it advertising. If the idea is to bring in money to pay for the site, then you would do better by that anyway.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Tejus and I'm one of the co-founders of Mint Crate. I've been talking to one of the forum's active members (jHookah) on Instagram about our company and how we work. He linked me to this thread and I'm extremely excited to see that y'all like the concept and the depth of questions that were asked - y'all definitely know your hookah! If you guys have any questions about Mint Crate or anything in general I'm here help Just to answer a few questions I've seen here so far: 1) Our current brands are Argelini, Al Fakher, Haze, and Fumari. We will be adding more brands (including Social Smoke and Tangiers) soon. 2) If you want particular brands, avoid certain brands (for example, you can mention if you don't want haze or fumari), or even request certain flavors - you can list them in our "Special Request" section when you subscribe on our website -> http://i.imgur.com/b65EaIB.png 3) If you want to order for one month, it's extremely easy to cancel or suspend (basically put on pause) the subscription after you place your order & renew it later in your profile: - Cancel/Suspend: http://docs.woothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/subscription-suspend-cancel-buttons.png - Renew: http://i.imgur.com/HmOPF4I.png 4) Shipping is included in all packages 5) We currently ship the last monday of every month If you have any more questions feel free to put them here