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    It's so beautiful!
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    Gotta get the real thing. Come out to vegas and I'll show you the real way to clean them and get the best smoke possible! I'll come see you as soon as my Vegas ban is lifted by the gf. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Happy new Year!!!!! Here is my review for a new line from starbuzz and a really interesting flavor. ALso i try a new review style, so please let me know what you think, Dude looking at you. :} Anyhow, have fun and keep smoking!!!
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    TEA!!! Most definitely tea! Sometimes I like to pair it with my smoke, like Dude said, but mostly, I like mix-matching. I love green tea and black tea, fruit teas and herbal teas, so I'm happy with most any of them... Snacks are important because I almost exclusively smoke alone (George Thorogood shoutout), and when I do smoke with people, they are new to the hookah experience at all, much less all the nuances of my snobberies... The second they mention they've had hookah before, and it was with quick lites, I just don't like it when they talk anymore... So snacks, and drinks, and hookah! I'll talk, you listen... Let's start with the cardinal rule of hookah sessions: NO QUICK LIGHT TRASH. Ahem, sorry... But along the snack notes, I am no chef, but my parents are both awesome cooks, and I have our family cook book, and they taught me how to cook, so I'm at least nearly as good as they are, but they will always be better due to experience alone... But I like to make light meals for hookah sometimes... Especially BBQ... Skewers/kebabs, seafood (as I am a vegetarian, this is as far as I go into the 'meat' world anymore), veggies, mushrooms, and I have no qualms cooking meat for the omnivores... Damn... it's 2am and I have to get up in 2 hours to get ready for work... Guess it's time for a hookah session with some friggin' energy drink... Stupid insomnia crap
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    My friends who do drink I don't like bringing my hookah around, because they have no consideration and aren't careful, I'm sure its nice when you have a drink and friends who know how to relax and be responsible but not when they're drunk and stupid lol
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    Greetings from the artic! This is DudeWhere'sMyHookah bringing you yet another review on the brand Social Smoke, this one is on Artic Lemon . To start Social Smoke is a very popular brand that is based out of Texas. They use all natural ingredients and no chemical dyes whatsoever. Their tobacco itself is my favorite thing to look at hookah related as it is so natural and honey colored, it really pleases the eye. They also boast that no preservatives are present in their tobacco which is odd to me considering their products do not have expiration dates like most other companies. Putting that aside their tobacco is easily in the top 3 brands for me as nearly everything they make has been a great smoke. Personally I feel they do citrus best which is why I went ahead and picked up artic lemon to try out. Artic lemon like the name states is very very cold and unforgiving like the artic itself. Upon opening the flavor you are greeted with a strong aroma of lemon candies and a minor bit of cooling. The lemon is very appealing to me as lemon heads are one of my favorite treats. As for the cooling you don't smell much of it. You just get little hints of it here and there and it is not a mint by any means to me, more like a menthol. As for the taste, holy crap ladies and gentlemen. This flavor rivals the strongest mints on the market today whether you are a cane mint lover, mizo mint fiend, or a fml junkie, this one will be right up there contending for first in regards to cooling. Taking your first drags you might even have to back off of it as it is just so darn cold to the throat and lungs. I would not recommend this as a first mint flavor to anyone other than a seasoned mint enthusiast. The lemon doesn't even come through until the half hour mark so prepare yourself for absolute zero degree temperatures until then. Yes, pun intended. This is definitely a mix of mostly Social Smoke absolute zero with their lemon drop flavor and maybe a touch of their standard lemon flavor. If you like any of these flavors this should be on your list to try asap. Please note that the more heat on this flavor the more the menthol comes out. Now I'm not really a menthol type of smoker. Back when I smoked cigarettes I did enjoy the occasional menthol but when it comes to hookah the more natural and candy the mint is the better. I do enjoy this flavor but I do a little bit of mental preparation before I just get right into it. As I said this flavor will be absolute degrees going into your lungs. I wish that the lemon drop flavor would come through more but as soon as the cooling aspect begins to fade it does become more pronounced. The lemon is never in your face which is a drawback for me but many say with most lemon with mint flavors they need more mint, this one will be the exception to that rule. All in all this flavor is a great choice for the mint fiends out there. It could even be used as a novelty just to bring out with close friends and see who is man or woman enough to take the first half hour. For mixology obviously more lemon would be good, mojito, citrus mint, and cherry are top contenders as well. I see this as being a good choice for a hot summer day or even in winter time to compare to lemon candy canes. I give this an 8 out of 10 merely because I'm not a menthol hookah person and I would like more lemon drop to be in it. EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja, Fumari base, Tangiers small phunnel, Kaloud Louts, Dream hose with an acrylic tonic tip, 2 titanium cubes, and 1 cocobuzz flat
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    The seasoned community members know about your lack of flavor guys. It wasn't old stock it was your entire process of creation. More "juice" doesn't mean more flavor, look at how nakhla lasts and there is minimal "juice" yet the flavors are in your face the entire session. To say the juice holds the flavor is a very newbie type of statement, I mean there is a reason why you guys sell so many vape pens compared to actual shisha. Glad to see you trying to address the issue don't get me wrong, but anyone who has been around in the industry long enough knows about the lack luster quality of fantasia. signed, The Dude.
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    I wish how it's made would do a ep on hookah, I think it would be cool.
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    Hey everyone new to this forum. My friends recommended this and I just can't wait to get in touch with you guys. And my love for Hookah is Never ending
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    Smoking a bowl of Al Fakher Blueberry. Watching Star Wars Episode V. Trying to re watch all before I watch the new one.
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    Please welcome DudeWhere'sMyHookah as our latest moderator helping us with managing the forum. Thank you Rob.
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    Step 1: Find a snowy plain, cave, or forest Step 2: Set up and smoke hookah there Step 3: Enjoy a cold smoke... ...it had to be said
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    As most of you might already know, I'm a sponsored reviewer with hookah-shisha. But I ordered from them longggg before that and long before I was ever even a reviewer in the first place. They are a killer company with loads of good people working for them. Have a problem with your order? Call or hop on the live chat and almost always it will be resolved by the time you hang up. The prices are a bit higher than other vendors, but I think that's due to them being in Texas which has one of the highest tobacco taxes in the US. They have a great selection too. I've only had an order messed up once, and it was that they sent me a box of coals that was bigger than the one I ordered so I can't even complain lol they said it was because the one I ordered was out of stock so they gifted me the larger one. Awesome customer service always.
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    I can't wait till Sunday. My gf is flying to Myrtle Beach for her birthday and is going to be going for 3 days. I'm going to grab both hookahs and smoke in every room in the apartment until my face turns blue. I'm going to make sure I have plenty of coals and shisha and I'm going to have them going all day long and just jump from one to the other. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
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    So chanel and I came to the same conclusion last night. Starbuzz is probably gonna go bye bye for us after we finally had tangiers. Wow, we couldn't believe how good it.was
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    Personally I used to drink those cans of Arizona sweet tea pretty often with my sessions but I just go with water now since I get them in gallons a lot, one thing I've really liked lately was trying out some loose leaf tea with my hookah, a friend let me have his spare tin of tea and that's been really pleasant, I usually don't snack on much personally when I smoke and I can't mention anything noteworthy that I have had with it, I think the nicest set up I've had was peppermint hot cocoa while I smoked some peppermint mocha by alchemist blend, that was a nice night. What do you guys like with your sessions?
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    ...and it's not mine! I don't claim it in any way, but, I did find it very riveting, because I love science and nature shows and also how things are built... So it's a tour of the Khalil Mamoon factory, but with an odd, broken musical score, and fascinating footage the whole way. Mind blowing how it all comes together sometimes... I recommend it. I hope this is as good a place as any to put a post such as this... Also thought if there were any other hookah-vids you all have encountered and would like to share it'd be a spot to do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfJ7BbHMJW8
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    Did I say "meow??" Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumping around all nimbly-bimbly from tree ta tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer!? Now you shut the hell up, right meow!!" sorry Dude, but that's totally your fault. Plus I have like a nerd's case of o.c.d. or something, I can't pay attention. snerk. Nakhla douple apple for the day today. Planning on getting a KM chiller soon, their bare basic one for testing. Also an ice tip hose, but, not sure which to go with. Dont wanna pay a lot because its a friggin ice cube tray straw thing... Ya know??
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    So I get a bit of the king shisha, as dry as possible to put in my minzari, light my coals, and juice drops on the freaking coals making my ADT smoke alarm in the basement go off and waking up my girlfriend. I had to go upstairs and enter the alarm code BUT it wasn't fast enough. So I just had two fire trucks an EMT truck and the cops all bang on my door at 1:45am and come and investigate this issue in the basement. So needless to say I am FUCKING done with the Minzari and it's holes on the bottom. If I didn't want to smoke wet shisha then I WOULDN'T BUY wet shisha. I'm not a fan of patting the shisha dry because I want it wet and juicy. That's why i have a freaking funnel bowl and two vortexes. Can't smoke Al Fakher with it because the damn shisha sticks to the metal so bad that I have to leave it in oxy clean water for 3 damn days just to clean off the hard tobacco. That leaves me only with Nakhla but I'm not going to smoke Nakhla for the rest of my life just to use the minzari crown. So I loaded one of my Egyptian bowls with some Mazaya orange and put the coals on just as I heard the commotion outside. At least one of the fire fighters that was down here said that it smelled really good after they took my statement. So I guess two thumbs up for the awesome Mazaya orange smell? Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy my mazaya orange on my Zahrah patron and my starbuzz maximus hose while I drink a very, very large glass of straight vodka.
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    Holy sheisse... Going to be moving soon, so I've been boxing everything, and not buying anything, so I'm literally smoking the last of my shisha's away... it's sad! I have one good bowl of my Tangier's Bosenberry... I have a bowl left of AF Pineapple, but I'm losing my flavor for AF... like, all of 'em... honestly... Dunno why... So yeah, this is one of last boysenberry bowls for a while... On the upside though, tax returns will be a lovely shisha order... I think I'm going to pick my buddy up that KM Oxidized Dana Ice from hookah-shisha as well, he'll really get a kick outta that piece... Plus, he needs a KM... They really are my favorite still... Sorry for the rant, been a while since I've been able to post... Girlfriend got me a computer for the holidays and I get it early because the other computer is no longer available...
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    New lime Tangiers in Noir was a great fucking flavor. I really really enjoyed it. Social smoke makes a good lime, a good citrus chill, and a good mojito. Haze Lime it up gets a fair amount of praise I did have nakhla margarita from a local shop but it was either from the Jurassic era or sat on the shelf for one year to many as it was bone dry and impossible to smoke. Only lime I Haven't cared for was hookafina lime haze/mojito I'd stay clear of those.
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    So, I went to a new smoke shop the opened up today I think? But the guy gave me 4 packs of some Tangiers for FREE!!! He gave me Apricot, Lime, Red tea, and Vanilla. Acclimating process is a go for Red tea, and Vanilla. Hopefully Ill have a decent try with the red tea tomorrow! Updates to come...
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    happy 4th everybody. Having a bowl of Hookafina peach before I call it a night. Headed to the Jersey shore early tomorrow with the ball and chain and some friends. That should be fun *rolls eyes*. Have I mentioned I hate the jersey shore? no? ok now you know. On other news.... I really should play the lotto more often because if I have half the luck as i've been having with my hookah lifestyle then I would be a millionaire by now. I've seen to have won another contest. This time was for the gold Minzari crown contest held by hookahaddiction on instagram. If this time he sends out the price I'll be very ecstatic to finally try out the Minzari Crown.