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  1. Nima

    Not new Just checking in.

    Hey edm, It has been a while. How is life?
  2. Nima

    Shisha Lounge Directory

    I've known a few people who tried to start hookah lounge directories and ended up closing their sites after a few years. Are you looking to start one?
  3. Yes, big time. The larger the hose the more smoke you get. Here is a good article to read too: https://www.hookah.org/hookah-hose-comparison/
  4. Nima

    How is everyone?

    How is everyone? Is anyone checking the forum regularly?
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for some time. I quit my job trying to build a small business and its taken all of my time. I'm starting to have more time now and I want to improve hookah.org a bit. In the next few days you'll see simple but hopefully good changes to make it easier for people to find our articles. Im thinking of merging the forum and the front end too, so that you all can use one account to leave comments, product reviews, and use the forum. What are your thoughts about that?
  6. Nima

    Whats up whats up!!

    I love Khalil Mamoons. You inspired me to make a hookah now
  7. Nima

    Anyone else able to smoke at work?

    Damn. That's nice. Do you own your business?
  8. Nima


    Hi Hermission, welcome to the forum
  9. Nima

    Look what's here!

  10. Nima

    Latest Hookah Videos

    Let's use this thread to share with each other the latest videos from our members or just good hookah videos we find online.
  11. Nima

    SmokeKing.com Review

    This is the official thread is for posting a review of your experiences with SmokeKing.com
  12. This is the official thread is for posting a review of your experiences with Hookah-Shisha.com. Here is our own review of them:
  13. Nima

    HookahHub.com Review

    Send me a message plz. I'm in Canada right now. I'll sort it out once I get back next week
  14. Nima

    HookahHub.com Review

    So you didn't go through with the first order but your coupon code got canceled? When did you send them a message?
  15. Nima

    HookahHub.com Review

    I didnt know the card wouldnt apply to items on sale. I'll make sure from next time that it does. I think its fair not to apply towards shipping but sales should be fine.