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  1. On 11/7/2017 at 3:42 AM, karan gulati said:

    Can anyone suggest me a shisha directory, where I can locate all the shisha lounges of the world?

    I've known a few people who tried to start hookah lounge directories and ended up closing their sites after a few years. Are you looking to start one? 

  2. On 10/17/2017 at 4:11 PM, harout said:


    Hey guys I bought a new hose (the washable type with thick handle) and it gives me no flavor. I only get some sweetness. BTW I smoke Al fakher double apple.


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    Yes, big time. The larger the hose the more smoke you get. Here is a good article to read too: https://www.hookah.org/hookah-hose-comparison/

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  3. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for some time. I quit my job trying to build a small business and its taken all of my time. I'm starting to have more time now and I want to improve hookah.org a bit.

    In the next few days you'll see simple but hopefully good changes to make it easier for people to find our articles. Im thinking of merging the forum and the front end too, so that you all can use one account to leave comments, product reviews, and use the forum. What are your thoughts about that?

  4. ok so late last night David, their customer manager got back to me and after much testing the confirmed that the now $75 gift certificate is working properly on ANYTHING that I want to order. Now I don't know what to order. LOL Anybody has any thoughts? maybe I'll order the samsaris bowl. 


    Send me a message plz. I'm in Canada right now. I'll sort it out once I get  back next week

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  5. Just an update to say that I tried placing an order but the code is no longer valid. I guess it got "used" when I tried to place an order the first time around. So I guess now I have no code and their customer service works bankers hours of Monday through Friday 9-5. so...... that means I won't be getting any items and their email says my priority is "LOW". 


    Ticket ID: SSQ-602-48557

    Department: Sales Questions

    Type: Issue

    Status: Open

    Priority: Low

    Helpdesk: https://www.hookahhub.com/support/index.php?


    It's all good, after all it was a free gift code from a contest we had so they don't really owe me anything, and I appreciate Nima doing all this for us. However it makes me think if this is a regular issue with any customers or if it's just that it's considered "Low" because it's just a certificate from a contest. In my communications I did mention that it was a code I won on the site here, so maybe that has something to do with it? 


    So you didn't go through with the first order but your coupon code got canceled? When did you send them a message?

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  6. Yeah the shipping costs is understandable that is not covered by they gift card, and I don't have a problem with that at all. My problem was that there were some items not covered under the gift certificate so my total ended up being over $40 which doesn't make sense. 


    If it only applies to non-sale item, that's ok too, I just need to know for sure so I know what to order. The problem is that just about everything is on sale on their site right now. The coals I was ordering were $13.95 per kilo but are on sale for $5.95, but there's no way to know until you actually place the order in your cart. 


    I'm just going to keep it to shisha and coals and nothing else, although I do want some newer hoses, but all in due time. 


    I was working on a tight deadline so I didn't get a chance to call them until tonight. Unfortunately it was 5:07pm and they stop working at 5pm EST. I sent them an email and they responded stating that they are closed tomorrow for good Friday and they won't be able to get back to me until Monday the earliest. When they get back to me I'll just place my order over the phone if they call me.


    I don't mind paying more, I just want to make sure that I utilize my certificate properly. 


    I didnt know the card wouldnt apply to items on sale. I'll make sure from next time that it does. I think its fair not to apply towards shipping but sales should be fine. 

  7. I'm trying to choose my stuff as well so I'm glad you brought this up. Please let me know what you hear back :)

    This is hookah sets one and only chance to win me over so they better do well lol


    Damian's is with HookahHub.com though. Im pretty sure the one from Hookah Set is not applicable to shipping cost either 

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  8. sooooooo.....

    Since nobody has posted anything on this thread yet, I figured I would be the first one since I have the "$50" gift certificate from the contest.


    I guess I have some questions and that should start with, what the heck can i order if the gift certificate only applies to certain items? What are the restrictions? What can I order? I've been mulling over my order for the past few days and when I was going to check out, I applied the gift certificate code, however my total with shipping was $40 and change.... ummm why? The shipping was only $18.04 which by the way increases as you add more shisha. I tested this out by adding more stuff I didn't want and shipping went up to $24.


    So as I started deleting some stuff out of my cart the price started going down leading me to think that there are certain restrictions to using the code. My problem is, I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to be able to use it on. So I'm guessing that tomorrow morning I'll have to get on the phone with them to clarify what exactly I can purchase with my code.  :angry:


    I would call them with that question. I dont think he checks this thread as often. 

    But I was told that the gift card's only restriction is that it can't be spent on shipping.

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  9. I've been wanting to try this too. There was a good thread on hookah pro the other day where someone made their own with those lorann flavorings and it was really helpful. I'll find it later and share it here. I'm on my phone right now so I don't feel like finding it lol

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    Yea, definitely feel free to share good links from other forums :)