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  1. Desroth

    Starbuzz vintage!

    I am in love with this line, smoked it all weekend long. Tiramisu mixed with Dark Vanilla is literally heaven on earth, and the Sweet Cigar is to die for. Tangiers has some competition on their hands with Starbuzz Vintage.
  2. Desroth

    Coil burner

    Ah yeah, I have the "Living Solutions" one. Must say it has done wonders with my coals, but I have used weaker more compact burners and they work just as well.
  3. Desroth

    Coil burner

    Don't remember what mine was, but all I remember is that it was like $15 from Walgreens.
  4. Desroth

    Crown Hookah Classic V3

    Seems like yesterday was the final day for the special on the V3. I wouldn't doubt that another sale on the V3 or other bowl will come up at some point.
  5. Desroth

    Crown Hookah Classic V3

    I will make sure to toss up a review of it on my KM. Need to order in some Tangiers and some Nak Banana to give it a grand entrance to my small bowl collection.
  6. Desroth

    Crown Hookah Classic V3

    For all who didn't know, Crown Hookah is having a big sale on their most popular bowls and I decided to jump in and pick up a V3 for 23 bucks delivered. Just wanted to see how anyone else who owns the V3 (or lower) handles their hole pattern. I have seen people saying place the holes towards the center and put two coals on the bowl right over those holes and it is a perfect session for all brands. Anyone else care to share?
  7. Desroth

    Starbuzz coconut quick lights

    Exactly what everyone else has said. If you don't want to wait for naturals on a stove top just buy a handheld butane torch, few minutes on each side and its done.
  8. Desroth

    Hookah john flavor saver

    Second on buying a lotus, though I have my own homemade "flavor saver" and it is alright. As andchit has said you will easily need an extra coal above what you normally use to achieve your desired results with some brands. I used my saver for a while, and it was alright but my coals would always fall off due to how you place them on, the lotus is all around better. You could get an apple on top, but the bowl size is massive and better suited for longer sessions with multiple people.
  9. I have used a minzari and I can say it all depends on the particular brand you are smoking. If it is juicy you need to really pat it off or risk the boiling juices dripping on the coals like crazy. I have a flip bowl and a lotus (flip I won on this forum) and I prefer the clean up and the ease of setup of the lotus more. I just simply boil my lotus after my sessions are done (scrape the bottom between bowls) and its all good. I have hard bad things happen with my flip, but when it worked it worked really well.
  10. I have dense packed Tangiers, Haze, AF, and Nak in the OG and dropped the lotus on it and have had long flavorful sessions. It may be a bit pricey but the lotus does wonders for bowls that can fit it. So yeah, about 3 hour sessions on one bowl with the lotus, about an hour and some change if I foil it (depending on how much heat I push on the bowl). I use to think people over exagerrated the effectiveness of the lotus with saying they had a single bowl go for 6-8 hours, I can see now they are not lying.
  11. The OG Symphony is actually a rather shallow bowl when you look at it. I would estimate it can hold about 10 to maybe 15g of shisha and my sessions with a lotus have lasted upwards of 3 hours before I start to notice the flavor is dying out and/or I get tired of the flavor I am smoking. The main draw of it is that I don't have to use the toothpick method to prevent foil sag if I decide to foil it, just pull the foil drum tight and its good to go. Longest session I have had with tangiers in the OG with foil is about an hour and a half. About the same session lengths with many other shisha brands too that I smoke. Seems pretty spot on for a solo bowl, and the heat management is really forgiving (I have pushed three titanium cubes to the edges of the spire for many sessions and never once had an issue).
  12. I have smoked both Noir and Birquq from an Alien Mini and my OG Symphony, both dense packed using a lotus with three titaniums (dropping to two as needed or losing the lid), or with regular foil and 4 halved titaniums. Those are just for some one person sessions. I have found, surprisingly, that a cheap Deezer phunnel packed properly with a lotus on top smokes just as well as any other expensive bowl. I was shocked that it could compete with the superior bowls.
  13. This sounds like something I need to try out. Wonder if I should drop the money to get a package to try out to see if it would be something worth putting into my rotation.
  14. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    And the winner is Haze Subzero, mostly because I found my bag of it in my room while deciding between OC and Cherry
  15. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Deciding what to pack up right now... It is between Orange Creme and Cherry I think.