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  1. This sounds like something I need to try out. Wonder if I should drop the money to get a package to try out to see if it would be something worth putting into my rotation.
  2. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    And the winner is Haze Subzero, mostly because I found my bag of it in my room while deciding between OC and Cherry
  3. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Deciding what to pack up right now... It is between Orange Creme and Cherry I think.
  4. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Packed up my phunnel with some Nak DA with ice in the base and ice in my ice chamber. Going to be delicious.
  5. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    It has a slight floral taste to it, I was not able to put my finger on it but after looking around I have to agree that it is a lavender. The mint side is refreshing with just the right amount of menthol cooling. It is not a super overpowering mint but it is refreshingly cooling and smooth. I have never tried Iceburg, but Subzero is doing it for me. 5 Cents a Cup and their Banarama mixed with their Spiced Chai is delicious.
  6. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Just got done with a brilliant session of Haze Subzero. Definitely going into my permanent rotation.
  7. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Generic Phunnel 5 Cents a Cup (overpacked) Titanium Coals Ice in my ice bucket of my Fifa Sipping some country time lemonade along side it. And damn HH, that sounds harsh. Was the tax 280 or was the order 280???
  8. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Haze Mint is phenomenally strong as well, but it sounds like I need FML Mint in my life as well.
  9. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    smoking 5 cents a cup right now.
  10. Desroth

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Haribo Gummy Bears: Half Haze 5 Cents a Cup, half Fumari Red Gummi Bear. Overpacked egyptian on my KM Fifa Ice, single HD foil, four titanium coals no windcover, and christened my brand new red D-Hose I just received from smokekings. Smoking like a champ, on my second set of coals now on the bowl (dropped to two on covered it for the second set). I would definetely recommend this mix to anyone who likes Haribo gummy bears, it seriously tastes like them.