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  1. Most Dreadful Broke-Ass Hookah Experience

    They're so sweet. Cutest, derpiest little faces.
  2. Best base recommendations!

    Currently smoking starbuzz classic mojito/AF mint with a few drops of peppermint oil in the base. If you like a powerful, eyebrow-burning mint, I'd suggest adding some to your mint shisha for an extra boost. Also adds a little something to the clouds! I'd go as far as saying you could replace mint shisha in your mixes with a couple drops of peppermint oil if you like the flavor.
  3. Most Dreadful Broke-Ass Hookah Experience

    I have a bearded dragon for the same reason. Lol they are like low maintenance children. Still higher maintenance than snakes, but pretty low maintenance.
  4. Most Dreadful Broke-Ass Hookah Experience

    That, my friend, is a fucking classic story. Lmao
  5. Most Dreadful Broke-Ass Hookah Experience

    I HATE when that happens. The stock bowl that came with my old nammor hookah shattered the day I got it. I felt so defeated. On a happier note, I got paid last night and I've got titaniums and 3 social smoke flavors on the way from H-S! The broke moments never last too long [emoji4]
  6. Shisha in a lounge vs home

    Definitely wanna go for the larger packs as stated earlier. I use the smaller packs as testers to see if the flavor is actually worth buying in bulk. AF is a good, inexpensive brand but it's pretty hit or miss. Watermelon is definitely one of AF's better flavors though so I wouldn't abandon it. I bought a tub of it and it's great.
  7. Best base recommendations!

    Awesome ideas guys! I don't reccommend vodka however, the alcohol taste overpowers the shisha. Of course I may have just added a bit too much. Orange juice or any sort of fruit punch is pretty good with fruity flavors, but I'm sure ya'll knew that.
  8. So I've been down to my last 30 bucks til payday for the last 5 or so days. I've had to break a million hookah "rules" just to be able to soothe my hookah cravings. I ran out of coco buzz coals like a week ago and had to settle for off brand 3 dollar "natural coals" from the smoke shop. They burn out literally 15 minutes after lighting on the stove and leave piles of ash similar to when Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas. And they taste like crap. So, I have resorted to using 4 month old quick light coals...with tangiers shisha...in a semi-broken glass hookah...it's sad and it's awful. But it's (crazily enough) better than using those horrible generic coals. I'm curious, what is your most depressing hookah experience due to lack of funds/resources? Or just in general? I KNOW for for fact most of you have one!
  9. Best base recommendations!

    Alcohol is nice in the base. Just be sure to use 2 parts water to 1 part alcohol. I've heard that gin is nice with minty flavors. The Rosé gave the smoke a nice wine-y aftertaste.
  10. Best base recommendations!

    So I got some cheap Rosé wine the other night at costco and decided to try a little bit in the base of my hookah. I loaded a bowl of starbuzz strawberry Margherita and starbuzz kiwi, lit the sucker up and.... HOLY HOOKAH SMOKE BATMAN THAT SHIT WAS DELICIOUS. Fruity with the aftertaste of wine, and a strong buzz to boot! That being said, anybody got any recipes they wanna share? What do you put in your base with what flavors?
  11. What would be the current best hookah brand?

    Glass if you've got the cash and you aren't clumsy. I can personally vouch for Lavoo. Good clean smoke, easy to clean (a little rubbing alcohol and water, shake it up, rinse it out, done) and beautifully crafted. My MP-1 Jr was 189.99 on H-S and it was one of the least expensive ones. Otherwise KM is probably the best way to go. Always been a favorite of mine.
  12. Tangiers TOO acclimated?

    Thanks for the response. I'm gonna let the cocoa shisha sit out overnight again and see if it helps. If it does I'll try the same with the others!
  13. Broken Hookah Support Group

    Still smokes like a champ. It wasn't that bad but it's a little less pretty now
  14. Are there better coals out there?

    Thanks everyone, I think I'll just order a bunch of different ones next time I make my monthly shisha order and decide which ones I like best. Seems like titaniums are the popular vote but I'll order a variety just to be sure.
  15. Tangiers TOO acclimated?

    Trying to figure out if I acclimated my horchata and cocoa Noir shisha for too long. The horchata is a popular flavor but it doesn't taste too great and the cocoa tastes like straight garbage. They sat out for 8 hours. Are these flavors just gross or do I need to chill them and re-acclimate for less/more time to get the flavor right?