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  1. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Been smoking kashmir peach for a week straight. Still not bored. K peach is to me what double apple is to mint head lol. I need to restock on this flavor.
  2. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Yeah. It's much shallower than my og harmony and spire is wider than I'd like. I have nothing against the new harmonies. My newer one is my daily bowl. Currently smoking the legendary kashmir peach in my og harmony. I'm in heaven
  3. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I own 2 goodfellas. Don't like 'em.
  4. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Almost done with my 250 of m cherry should've gotten a half kilo. Smoking my second to last bowl of it right now in one of my oldest bowls: the original harmony. Damn I wish the current ones were as shallow as this one. Nice wide spire too. It has a chip on the rim but it still smokes like charm.
  5. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I wasn't a fan of dark cherry myself. M. cherry however is one of my fave tang flavors. It's actually the only cherry flavor I will smoke.
  6. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking some maraschino cherry tonight. I mixed maraschino cherry with trifecta apple pie last night and it was a surprisingly good mix! It's like eating apple pie with whipped cream and a cherry on top lol
  7. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I enjoyed it. I definitely think I'm onto something with this mix since the sweetness that DA imparts is a good counter to the heavy basil notes in enigma. But I think AF DA (which was the only DA I have on hand atm) is not the perfect double apple for this mix since it's basically an anise bomb. I love anise but the mix doesn't need that much anise flavor. I'll have to try mixing it with Nak DA and Ugly DA. Actually it might pair perfectly with Starbuzz vintage Indian spiced apple. Hmm, I'll let you know what my results are when I find out lol.
  8. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking a mix of trifecta enigma and AF DA. My tangiers order didn't arrive today because usps people are geniuses and sent the package to the wrong post office location. Gonna have to wait another day...
  9. andchit

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Stocked up on tangiers today. Ordered 500 g burley cane mint, 500 g noir kashmir peach, 250 noir kashmir guava, 250 noir pear-watermelon, 250 g noir maraschino cherry. Should be getting these by monday. I'm like a kid in a candy shop. Stoked.
  10. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    What's up guys, I haven't posted here in a while. I've been real busy. Work + gym leaves me too exhausted to do things sometimes. But I always find time to smoke [emoji14] so the past few weeks I've been dabbling with headquarters hookah tobacco. Just finished up a 250 of purple fog. It's like tang purple candy. It's very good. Also been getting some trifecta apple pie in there lol. Gotta have that. But lately I've been smoking a lot of tang. The weather is cooling down a bit, humidity is still an issue but so far tang has been treating me well. Finished up a 250 of birquq static starlight. Currently smoking some tang noir orange soda. I forgot how badly this flavor kicks my ass lol. Last time I smoked orange soda was when I first started smoking tangiers. Actually, it was the 2nd flavor I ever tried. So that was years ago. Thinking about picking up that red clay Harmony bowl to use as a kashmir peach exclusive bowl. The fall is when I get most of Tangiers smoking sessions in since I experience almost no acclimation issues. Anyways, 3 cubettes in the lotus, fluff packed tang in a harmony. Going very well.
  11. andchit

    What are you playing!

    Well was this before arthas' era (haven't seen the movie)? The undead played such a small role before that. Also.....got sucked back into playing WoW due to the upcoming expansion lol
  12. andchit

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Currently smoking trifecta lavender mint for the first time. For anyone into floral flavors, I recommend this 100%. On my second round atm, I find that trifecta really shines on the 2nd set of coals if you pack it just right
  13. andchit

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Will do. I just had to get it for my bowl collection. I have way more than I need lol. Failien will be the 33rd bowl I own lol. Yea...I got a problem.
  14. andchit

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    So, since I consider having less than a kilo in my stash as running low I ended up making an order with hj today. I got: 250g of Tangiers noir orange soda, 250g tangiers birquq static starlight (dude's mentioning of it reminded me that this flavor existed and then I had an urge to smoke it again lol), 1 kilo of titanium cubettes, a failien, and 4 headquarter tobacco flavors: pixie dust, purple fog, bowser blend, and orange dream. So the waiting game begins now.....
  15. andchit

    Alchemist tobacco soup

    Yep, that's how I feel. And im confused as to how people are still raving about it on hookah johns circle of friends page on fb.