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    Mya Econo Gelato, Earthbound Trading 12"
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    Fantasia, Al Fakher
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    4play, Cuban Mojito, Watermelon (AF)
  1. Dsdrummer04

    What is your favourite hose?

    My Nammor is by far my favorite hose. I love the large handle and the draw is wide open. Almost feels like breathing.
  2. Dsdrummer04

    Bubblegum Flavor

    Does anybody know of a good bubblegum-flavored shisha? I think it would be a fun sweet flavor to have once in a while and maybe use it to introduce newer smokers to hookah. I found online Social Smoke used to have one but it looks like it has been discontinued. Are there any that you have tried that you can recommend?
  3. Dsdrummer04

    What is your order when you're at a lounge?

    I usually get an AF flavor. It depends on what I'm in the mood for and who I'm with. My usual lounge stocks AF, Starbuzz, and Fumari.