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    Mya Econo Gelato, Earthbound Trading 12"
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    Fantasia, Al Fakher
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    4play, Cuban Mojito, Watermelon (AF)
  1. What is your favourite hose?

    My Nammor is by far my favorite hose. I love the large handle and the draw is wide open. Almost feels like breathing.
  2. Bubblegum Flavor

    Does anybody know of a good bubblegum-flavored shisha? I think it would be a fun sweet flavor to have once in a while and maybe use it to introduce newer smokers to hookah. I found online Social Smoke used to have one but it looks like it has been discontinued. Are there any that you have tried that you can recommend?
  3. What is your order when you're at a lounge?

    I usually get an AF flavor. It depends on what I'm in the mood for and who I'm with. My usual lounge stocks AF, Starbuzz, and Fumari.
  4. Shisha in a lounge vs home

    I appreciate the help. I'll try some of those suggestions once I pick up some more AF and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  5. What would be the current best hookah brand?

    I definitely agree here. The best hookah is pretty subjective, as is the best shisha, the best hose, etc. I've seen some posts in this thread from people saying Mya isn't all that great, but I love my Mya Econo Gelato. Granted I got it as a freebie but it suits my needs.
  6. Shisha in a lounge vs home

    A few months ago, I tried Al Fakher watermelon at a hookah lounge and I fell in love with it. The flavor was great and there was zero harshness to the smoke. When I finally got my own hookah, I bought a 50g pack of the same flavor and, well, I was really disappointed. There wasn't much harshness, but the flavor was way off. There was a fruity note to it, but it definitely didn't taste like watermelon or watermelon candy for that matter. I've tried it with different bowls and hoses, and nothing is giving me the same experience I had that fateful night at the lounge. Is it possible that I just got a bad batch? Are 50g boxes of tobacco notoriously bad and I'm just a n00b who doesn't know any better? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Your comments are appreciated.
  7. Latest Shisha Order Thread

    I agree that H-S is a good company to order from, but I haven't gotten them to price match for me.
  8. Vaping - Fantasia F1 question

    I recently purchased a Fantasia F1 electronic hookah and was disappointed to see it did not come with an instruction manual. Does anybody have an electronic copy they could send or link to me? I tried a quick Google search but couldn't find anything. Maybe I'm just bad a searching. Thanks!
  9. Hookah Company

    I've wondered why some people have to verify their age and some don't. I never had to prove anything to H-S. What method of payment do you use when you order hookah stuff? I usually pay with a credit card, which usually you can't get if you're under 18. I'm wondering if you use a debit or a prepaid they make you verify.
  10. Broken Hookah Support Group

    I managed to break both of my bowls within a week of each other. I was smoking with my girlfriend one weekend and we deiced to change flavors after we finished our first bowl. The bowl was still very hot and I was anxious to load it with more shisha. I decided to lift up a little on the ash try to loosen the bowl so I could more easily grab it without scalding my fingers. Well, I pulled too hard and the bowl fell onto the table and two pieces split off of the bottom. Thankfully it didn't shatter and it is still usable. But.... A few days later we were smoking at my house and I decided to use my phunnel. I made sure it was secure, then picked up my hookah and started walking it over from my kitchen to the couch. Within my first few steps the bowl somehow got wobbly and fell and shattered on the floor. I ordered a Samsaris/Lotus and Alien Mini as replacements and they still haven't come in yet.
  11. At what age did you start smoking?

    I first tried hookah when I was a junior or senior in high school. A friend of mine had a small party and she got hers out. I liked it but I didn't get into it until my second year of college. Friends of my girlfriend took us to a lounge on a double date and the two of us kept going back once every week or two. I finally gave in a few months later and bought my own hookah.
  12. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    Arizona. Parents got new jobs and I was little so I had no choice but to go with them haha.
  13. May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    I appreciate the sympathy. Also I see you're from Cleveland! I'm originally from Cincinnati but moved 15 or so years ago.
  14. Has anybody ever tried mixing E-Juice with their shisha?

    I've never tried but it's an iteresting idea. Somtimes e juice can contian propelyne glycol instead of vegetable glycerine but it has the same effect. I'd say give it a go and let us know if it works!
  15. Experience with SouthSmoke.com?

    Hi everyone, Has anybody tried ordering from SouthSmoke.com? I wanted to order an ecig for my girlfriend as a present and noticed their prices are significantly cheaper than Hookah-Shisha. Is this company safe/reputable? Thanks!