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  1. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Bro I tried that .. But my foil is so thin that it gets all wiggly and falls down ... Even if I use double wrapping.. Same thing happens .. Guess I have to purchase a thick foil... Cuz I don't think wind covers are available here in Kolkata .. Or maybe I don't know abt it ..[emoji20]
  2. How to get a cold smoke?

    And that deserves a LOL..
  3. Kolkata suggestions plz

    I'm using al fakher watermelon ... Can someone guide me how to make a wind cover out of a foil.. I have a very thin foil..
  4. How to get a cold smoke?

    Best plan indeed... Will try as soon as possible.. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  5. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Guys I'm using 2 coco star coals but still I'm getting thin smoke.. Is there any way to make dense smoke ? And no I don't have any wind cover..
  6. How to get a cold smoke?

    Guys how much ice is required to get a very cold smoke out of a 17 inch Hookah ? I use chilled water in base and use 2 coco star coal... The water is at a level in which only 2 cm of the stem is dipped... Do I have to apply something else in the base to get a cold smoke ?
  7. Kolkata suggestions plz

    I tried with a single coco star coal and the session went pretty well...only prob was that the smoke was VERY thin.. I also used a lot thicker foil this time and also packed the tobacco very lightly.. On my next session I will do the same steps with 2coals.. If the smoke is harsh than .. I think that my bowl cannot take 2 natural coals.. I don't see any other reason..
  8. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Tried aafreen kiwi with a single coco star coal.. Not harsh at all .. But the smoke was very mild and not dense at all... Probably because I was using just a single piece of coconut coal.. I think my harsh smoke prob is finally fixed.. I'll try the same trick with different flavour tomorrow ..
  9. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Ty bro for the great reply.. I probably did everything right except that maybe I packed the tobacco too tightly .. Is that the reason why I'm getting the harsh smoke ?
  10. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Its been 5 sessions and when I use the coco star coal its choking heavily.. But when I use the quick lites it perfect... So is the coal a problem ? Or is it the AF watermelon with mint ?
  11. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Do u clear the mid of your Egyptian bowl when u put the flavour ?
  12. Kolkata suggestions plz

    How many coals do u suggest with AF flavours ? I don't have a vortex.. I have an Egyptian bowl... Is is necessary to clear a hole in between the Egyptian bowl ? I've seen videos where smokers don't leave space for the hole.. But when I tried it.. The smoke didn't pass through and we had to clear the middle hole using the tong needle.. What do u guys think ?
  13. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Tried AF watermelon with mint.... Not so bad.. An average flavour.. Tastes like chewing gum... Mint is very low... Its overpowered by its sweetness... Anyways had some probs lighting up the coconut coals.. So used the quick lites instead.. Can someone tell me how to correctly light up the natural coals ? I've tried to light them for 2 mins but they just won't turn red... Edit : I've never used the natural coals .. It was my first time... And when I used the half red coconut coals it was heavily choking ... We had to switch to quick lites to start smoking again...
  14. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Ty guys.. I'll try grape mint and Bombay pan masala today.. Will post reviews..
  15. Kolkata suggestions plz

    Went to that shop guys.. Bought 5 flavours and 2 pack of coco star charcoals .. The 5 flavours are... AF Orange with mint AF Grape with mint AF watermelon with mint AF blueberry Afzal Bombay pan masala Anyone tried these flavour guys ? Ur reviews ?