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    How to get a cold smoke?

    And that deserves a LOL..
  2. TheShade007

    How to get a cold smoke?

    Best plan indeed... Will try as soon as possible.. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  3. TheShade007

    How to get a cold smoke?

    Guys how much ice is required to get a very cold smoke out of a 17 inch Hookah ? I use chilled water in base and use 2 coco star coal... The water is at a level in which only 2 cm of the stem is dipped... Do I have to apply something else in the base to get a cold smoke ?
  4. TheShade007

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Tried aafreen kiwi with a single coco star coal.. Not harsh at all .. But the smoke was very mild and not dense at all... Probably because I was using just a single piece of coconut coal.. I think my harsh smoke prob is finally fixed.. I'll try the same trick with different flavour tomorrow ..