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  1. Hookah Identification

    Cleaning would defo be a problem
  2. Glass tips

    crownhookahs.com is where you would find.
  3. November contest?

    Is this still activee?
  4. What would be the current best hookah brand?

    It's lovely to have you guys here and increasing my knowledge. Thank you all!
  5. What would be the current best hookah brand?

    Thank you so much guys for all this help. I wouldn't find it anywhere else. Lastly, I'd wanna know what do you guys think about KM kamanjas, double kamanjas, pharnoie and shikas?
  6. What would be the current best hookah brand?

    Can anybody link through the Brazilian Hookah?
  7. Hookah Brands like KM, Shika, Starbuzz, Nammor hookahs, Mya Hookahs and a lot more are talked about. What I wana know is what would be the best present hookahs to buy?
  8. If you wanna ruin your experience from such experiment then do it. It sucks I've tried it a couple of time before and sucked big time.
  9. Are there better coals out there?

    Titaniums and Cocos are very similar you wouldn't find such difference in titaniums though. Cocos are my fav!
  10. Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum from London. Hope you guys treat me well