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  1. Ilia

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Also, about heating the mixture and vacuuming. I have a sous-vide setup. Should I vacuum-seal the mixture (before glycerin) and heat it to some degree (90 Celsius probably?) in sous-vide water bath? Or is evaporation important in the heating stage?
  2. Ilia

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Well, I'm back for some follow up on banana shisha. 1) It works. It needs a lot of work, but it smokes nicely, although not very cloudy. The leafs themselves are harder and sturdier that tobacco and that's what needs to be improved first. 2) We didn't figure out a way to get rid of the grassy flavor yet, but we did reduce it by boiling fresh leafs for some time before drying. We also hid it with vanilla flavoring. 3) A lot of work ahead. I am now researching ways to increase cloudiness and kill the grassiness for good. We are also about to start flavoring trials. Will report back which further progress. Would be thankful for you suggestions on decreasing the grassiness. I am going to try boiling leafs in acid, baking soda and lactofermenting them, but I'm fairly sure there's a perfect way to break down those leafs and wash out the grassy flavor.
  3. Ilia

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Whoah! I never expected such a thoughtful and elaborate response! Thank you guys! First, I think that after soaking dried leafs in water and honey I will render them inflammable, steaming at best. And that, I suppose, Is actually a good thing. Second, I am more worried about health-related aspects. I have all the means to test things out, including a fairly high-end professional kitchen, but what are chances of the thing being toxic or whatnot? Anyway. Thank you for your involvement, I think I will move on with actual testing and post results. Hope to hear yours too!
  4. Ilia

    How to make shisha tobacco at home

    Hi, everybody! I've read somewhere that you can use banana leaves instead of tobacco to make nicotine-free shisha. Does anyone have any experience/ideas on that? Thank you!