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    Hookah , Paintballing , playing guitar and ukulele.

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    30" regular blue hookah
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    Al fakher, Al sultan , Fumari , Soex , Hydro
  1. Peterjacguier

    Where is everyone from?

    Born in Hungary and lived there for 9 years but i live in Bristol England. [emoji636][emoji636]
  2. Peterjacguier

    Longest hookah session??

    That sounds so nice!! I will look into that flavour.
  3. Peterjacguier

    Longest hookah session??

    Cool man. What flavour?
  4. Peterjacguier

    Longest hookah session??

    Cool man!! Mine too.
  5. Peterjacguier

    Longest hookah session??

    All day? That seems cool!! I have to try that too!
  6. Peterjacguier

    Show your pets!!

    Awhh i would love a dog so much but it would take too much time and im still studying
  7. Peterjacguier

    Show your pets!!

    Little maise!! Mine and mainly my girlfriends cat. We only got her a few weeks ago.
  8. Peterjacguier

    Longest hookah session??

    Mine was 3 hours and 45 minutes with my cousin. We smoked 4 or 5 bowls of Nakhla cola and lemon. We started at about midnight and finished at 3:45 in the morning. We did this all outside because we had to resort to quick lights. Now tell me your experience!!
  9. Peterjacguier

    Nakhla Lemon

    Yeah i mixed it with cola flavour. It doesn't seem like nice mix but it actually tastes pretty good and gets rid of the taste.
  10. Peterjacguier

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    Thanks mate!! Im 100% just gonna stick for one hose for now.
  11. Peterjacguier

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    That is also a good idea. I sont have many friends with hookahs but i will definitely try out what you said an get them to bring their hookahs. Thanks for the help man , have a nice day!!
  12. Peterjacguier

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    Thank you very much for the reply. I will stick to one hose hookahs.
  13. Peterjacguier

    2 Hose or 1 Hose????

    Hi , i would like to know what is better. I don't smoke with others that much but when i do, i do it with 3-4 people maximum . They are always good sessions but i always feel as if a 2 hose hookah would be better. Is it worth getting a 2 hose?? Are they better?? Or should i stick with 1 hose. Give me your suggestions! Thanks for reading.
  14. Peterjacguier

    Nakhla Lemon

    It would be nice to see more of your videos more often. They are amazing and your are the only hookah expert i watch and listen to. Could you please do a review of Al Fakher or Soex cinnamon flavour. Keep going with what you are doing. You are awesome.
  15. Peterjacguier

    Nakhla Lemon

    Thank you very much I'm a really big fan of the YouTube channel.