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  1. Flavor you can't live without?

    mine is Haze OMG..
  2. i would like to call all hookah smokers here in qatar to have a little hookah meeting just sharing ideas, meeting new friends and most importantly smoke and talk about our hookahs
  3. Where is everyone from?

    Born and raised in the philippines but currently living in qatar.
  4. How old are you?

    26 turning 27 this january
  5. Longest hookah session??

    Mine was 2 hours maximum with al fakher two apples on an egyptian bowl.
  6. hookah stem leak

    awesome, thanks man
  7. hookah stem leak

    hello everyone, just wanna ask, im havin a small trouble in my starbuzz hookah stem im having leaks and i cannot determine where exactly it is i checked the bowl and the hose its absolutely fine but when i try my stem its leaking and im having small bubbles when i try the finger in the top test is there any way to know where the hole in my stem? so i can have it weld .. thanks :) sorry for bad english