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  1. Elviss_

    Where is everyone from?

    Currently live in Atlanta Ga but im from Bosnia, Yugoslavia [emoji16] came to the Usa when i was 5yrs old.
  2. Elviss_

    How old are you?

  3. Elviss_

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Just tryed the Alfakher "Speical edition" Citrus spirit and man! If you're a citrus fan i SO recommed for you to try it :)
  4. Elviss_

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Smoking some Al Fakher Watermelon :)
  5. Elviss_


    Thanks for your concern i messaged Nima a few days ago and he fixed it :)
  6. Elviss_

    Home made hookah hose ??

    Please do!!
  7. Elviss_

    Home made hookah hose ??

    Awh man :( i wanted to show you a picture of the hose design i wanna make.. Anyways i want to make a hose with a glass tip and silicon hose but gold around the bottom part of the tip and a black silicion hose with some nice and royal like versace design in gold as well! Now that would be a bad ass hose :D
  8. Elviss_

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Im kinda scared... Lol i do not like herbal shisha or anything without nicotine... But will give it a try :) thanks
  9. Elviss_

    Home made hookah hose ??

    Lol don't be it would actually be fun to make your own personal hose!
  10. Elviss_

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    What type of brand is that?? I never seen or heard of it.. Looks very " luxerious "
  11. Elviss_


    Well the only thing i have a problem witt is when i try loggin into the desktop site it says something about my account being " confirmed "
  12. Elviss_

    Home made hookah hose ??

    That would be cool! Im still thinking, and designing a hose.. Personally making for myself
  13. Elviss_


    Since yesterday, i deleted instagram & all i have now is Paul's app
  14. Elviss_

    Home made hookah hose ??

    Thanks A lot bro :) i will keep that in mind !
  15. Elviss_

    What is your favourite hose?

    Starbuzz, Maximus hose i had it for a while and i love it! Great clouds and draws perfect each time you smoke it.