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  1. Smoking Right Now Thread

    One of my favourite flavours Nahkla Double Apple
  2. How old are you?

  3. Smoking Right Now Thread

    Fumari Red Gummi Bear out of my old Turkish hookah
  4. Howdy

    Rose, cherry, & chocolate. I love the really cool sensation of SS absolute zero, on hot nights here in the South I like to put altoids in the base with a lot of ice.
  5. Howdy

    Thanks y'all. I like Al Fakher for rose cherry & chocolate I want to try zaghoul, Nakhla for double apple, & I love social smoke absolute zero. Had to screen shot them off instagram the app wont let me attach pics
  6. Howdy

    Hey y'all I'm Brandon I've been smoking hookah & premium cigars for about a year now. I've got 5 hookahs my favourite 2 are my Al Fakher & an antique Turkish hookah I just picked up.