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  1. Brandon_merica

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    One of my favourite flavours Nahkla Double Apple
  2. Brandon_merica

    How old are you?

  3. Brandon_merica

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Fumari Red Gummi Bear out of my old Turkish hookah
  4. Brandon_merica


    Rose, cherry, & chocolate. I love the really cool sensation of SS absolute zero, on hot nights here in the South I like to put altoids in the base with a lot of ice.
  5. Brandon_merica


    Thanks y'all. I like Al Fakher for rose cherry & chocolate I want to try zaghoul, Nakhla for double apple, & I love social smoke absolute zero. Had to screen shot them off instagram the app wont let me attach pics
  6. Brandon_merica


    Hey y'all I'm Brandon I've been smoking hookah & premium cigars for about a year now. I've got 5 hookahs my favourite 2 are my Al Fakher & an antique Turkish hookah I just picked up.