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  1. Mint Head

    Favorite flavors

    I haven't had afzal in awhile so I don't remember much, I don't think I tried that flavor but I meant to awhile ago
  2. Mint Head

    Favorite flavors

    Its good, I've had it once and if you already like af rose then you should enjoy that as well Af cardamom is great too. Haven't had that in a good while, I have gum mastic by af here as well and that's another solid one. Its pretty obvious but these days I love my nakhla double apple, I have almost 2 kilos at a time these days lmao. I always try to keep at least a 250g pack of orange and blueberry by af most of the time as well
  3. Mint Head

    Favorite flavors

    I still can't say what my favorites are, still so much out there to try.
  4. Mint Head

    Favorite flavors

    A recent favorite of mine might just have to be nakhla ice apple. Really enjoyable with a strong bright green apple flavor that I can just smoke all the time. I always try to keep double apple by one brand or another on hand, it might not be an everyday smoke for me but sometimes I just crave that rich sweet flavor lol. I used to be pretty into straight mint but I find myself getting tired of them pretty quickly because in my opinion, they can be boring at times. But what-a-mint by haze is probably one that I really enjoy by itself. And I am a big fan of citrus mints as well.