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  1. AF mojito is great, I haven't had it in awhile I need to get some again, I think the name is misleading though, to me its just a really solid lime mint flavor, honestly its stupid good. I've had my hands full lately with work and this new puppy we got, he's a 9 week old blue nose pitbull. I have to play with him and train him in the mornings after work and he gets frisky when I take time away to set a session up so sometimes its tough to smoke lol, I'm having some nakhla double apple as usual in the new set up. But the setup isn't so new now. Thankfully the puppy is asleep now so I can just relax and finish my session

  2. So here's the new hookah I forgot to show, 5star sent me the hose after I let them know I didn't get it but it was a bit of a let down, its unwashable but idk something was wrong with it, my only guess is that it had been sitting a long time and accumulated dust inside because the flavor is just so muted in it and I'd get specks in my mouth of like grime. So I'm just using my nuhose, I've cheated as well and been smoking cane mint from it even though its supposed to be for nakhla double apple only but screw it lol


    Also on the note of pipe tobacco, I hear captain black was no bueno. There's a lot I wanna try and that stuff isn't on my list xD

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  3. Well my new hookah came in, its a lot better looking than I expected but I'm just waiting on the hose since they forgot it lmao, but otherwise I'm loving it, its the best looking hookah I have and no leaks! I'm dedicating it to double apple which is what I'm smoking now, haven't posted much since I've been pretty busy with work but yeah

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  4. Man I'm loving this bowl, I like it more than my unglazed shika, I have half a mind to try and find an unglazed version of this, its gorgeous and smokes like an absolute monster. I'm seriously just constantly impressed with these shika bowls. Smoking nakhla mint and its great, its more like the original mint, not too juicy, smooth and sweet. The white grape was cool too, that stuff was drenched

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  5. I'm smoking some nakhla revamped mint, got a couple other flavors now that were revamped, this is pretty much what I'd guess mizo mint would of been like had I tried it, its really good, forgot to mention I got a new bowl, its the shika Egyptian style bowl, I'm using it with the lotus right now and it seems great off the bat, its really wide and shallow like shika bowls normally are but this one is reeeaaally shallow, and its 5 holes standard egy bowl design, looks beautiful too, I'll try to get a picture of it later

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  6. So, I pulled the trigger and got the Km emperor copper, which is literally a clone of that nawras Syrian hookah on 5star that's like $450 now or something, carbon copy from what I can tell, except I got it in copper. The hose seems unwashable and really nice, might make that a DA only hookah. Then I ordered a pretty standard order from HS, kilo and half of nak DA, half a kilo of AF orange mint and quarter blueberry mint. I got nak peppermint, white grape, and blueberry to try them out. And some cane mint to end it off

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  7. " userid="10692"]28d84bd3732a36fba9efb3383e73f8bc.jpg
    There you go ... AF Energy Drink ... so so flavour, bit on the sweeter side ...
    Anybdy else had it too?

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    I've had it, I think it was this site or possibly another where I heard mixing that with AF double apple makes a jagerbomb type flavor, I got it for that and it was pretty solid as a mix, by itself energy drink was alright too
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  8. Well I'm just here smoking some k peach with a wiess beer, pretty nice. Cleaned out the shika after the longest time and using that

    Thinking about picking up another hookah, probably to make a dedicated DA, but I haven't seen one I really want yet, besides like the really expensive traditional ones like those Turkish hookahs, and there's that Syrian on 5star I've been looking at for god knows how long but it went up in price again lmao, but I don't want it that bad otherwise I'd of gotten the km copy by now



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  9. " userid="10692"]
    Mint & Paan are somehow the evergreen flavours .... Never get outta taste ...

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    Well first off thanks for reading lmao, but I mean it depends on who you ask and what you're mixing, if I'm mixing AF double apple and nakhla double apple then I think sections or layers are better but it just depends on my mood, but it never really hurts to try things differently. This just happened to be my best experience for this specific mix
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  10. I'm doing a 60/40 or so blend of nakhla DA and starbuzz vintage Indian spiced apple, to be honest I've hardly touched this star buzz, I've only smoked it a couple times, giving it another shot, BTW I finished off that pack of static starlight, at first I was kind of iffy about it and just thought it was decent, but over time I found it to be a very forgiving flavor in terms of heat management, and pretty freaking good, its good in a really humble way, like its just a simple blend and the flavors in it don't really hit you as anything too crazy, but its just so simple and well done, a reason why I love AF so much BTW, that static starlight is really easy to just burn through, getting that again for sure. Also I killed off that pack of orange mint a good while ago, only took me about, idk, a week a most? For whatever reason whenever I get straight orange by AF, I let it sit in the container for a long time and hardly touch it, I haven't had the mix in so long but idk, they put the right amount of mint in there and it just does it for me, I will most likely get a whole kilo of it next order when my stash runs low. Also this blend I'm smoking now that I mentioned at the beginning of this long post, its pretty nice. I'm still not super impressed with this starbuzz flavor but this blend works for me because I wanted to smoke some nakhla before bed, but I wanted it to be light, and for that purpose this actually does a great job. It has that puffy light cool smoke you get with starbuzz and all that juice it has, but it has enough flavor from the nak to keep me interested in the flavor. Oh yeah, its 60% Nak and 40% starbuzz, I just mixed it up by hand because sections and layers haven't worked for me before with the starbuzz, don't know why

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  11. " userid="10692"]Yeah ... how did you like that AF Jasmine??

    Been recommended by my seller about it being a nice flavour ... Thinking aboyt giving it a try after AF Rose turned out so good ...

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    Its good, I've had it once and if you already like af rose then you should enjoy that as well

    Af cardamom is great too. Haven't had that in a good while, I have gum mastic by af here as well and that's another solid one. Its pretty obvious but these days I love my nakhla double apple, I have almost 2 kilos at a time these days lmao. I always try to keep at least a 250g pack of orange and blueberry by af most of the time as well

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