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  1. Zagreus

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    What kind of sauce/marinade do you have on that
  2. Zagreus

    Thoughts on Haze?

    Actually hookah-shisha has a 16 pack for 3 dollars of titanium's Where did you get a 30 kilo box of coals for 90 o.o best deal I've seen is 10 kilos for eighty
  3. Zagreus

    Flavor you can't live without?

    Everyone is against it, but my favorite mix is 60%fantasia's diablo mixed with 40% of fantasia's OG sweet
  4. Zagreus

    Need expert SoS

  5. Zagreus

    Best glass hookah

    Hey guys. I finally landed myself a good job so I can afford to spend a few hundred bucks. I want to know from people what is the best glass hookah/brand out there. (Also as a side question, can you use regular bowls with all glass hookahs?) Also, as a side note, if possible I'd want it to be a hookah on hookah-shisha.com because I'm gonna be ordering the rest of my stuff from there anyways
  6. Zagreus

    Suddenly sheeshed (buzzed)

    I'm really curious, are you smoking the same flavors or different flavors
  7. Zagreus

    How to get a cold smoke?

    That's slightly upsetting but I think I'll try the candies
  8. Zagreus

    My hookah: Jeff

    Named after my late grandfather who was a huge pirate fanatic, my little 18 inch 2 hose inhale hookah pulls better and makes bigger clouds than any hookah at any lounge I've ever been to. I would like suggestions for bowls to go with him for 1-2 person smoke if anyone has any suggestions.
  9. Zagreus

    Kaloud Lotus Hints and Tricks

    I personally haven't bought one yet, but I do know that by putting the kaloud on a burner voids your warranty for it
  10. Zagreus

    Making Tea Shisha

    I have a friend who is deathly allergic to tobacco and I recently just watched a video on how to make shisha so I was curious if anyone knows how to make tea shisha or any other non tobacco shisha because she's really really picky about it but wants to try shisha and she doesn't really trust trying stuff because she has almost died before from tobacco. So if she knew that I handled every part of the shisha creation process she'd feel much much more comfortable
  11. Zagreus

    How to get a cold smoke?

    One thing I've heard and wanted to try was crushing up mints like Altoids and adding then to the base
  12. Zagreus

    Strange issues with hookah

    I think you're problem might not be so much the shisha or the bowls you're getting. It might be a problem with your stem. They're not usually the cheapest things to replace so what I would suggest is going out to a shop and find a small one Hose $10-15 hookah and see how that smokes in comparison. (Btw another recommendation of mine since you said you like mint is to go on hookah-shisha.com go to their fantasia tobacco and look through their fantasia ice shisha's because they all have mint mixed in with their flavors)
  13. Zagreus


    I've heard Tangier's is pretty harsh compared to some of the easier tobaccos but I've been smoking pretty much three to four times a week over the past year so I think I'll give it a try
  14. Zagreus


    I've only tried three brands, al fakher, starbuzz and fantasia. What are some strong brands that you guys would recommend.