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  1. dravago

    Cairo's Hookah Lounge, San Diego, Ca

    It's at 3533 Adams Ave San Diego, Ca 92116 This place should NOT be confused with a hookah lounge on the next block over called Old Cairo's Hookah Lounge which I don't believe is owned by the same people, Old Cairo's was pretty uncomfortable and dingy in comparison... It was basically a store front with a couch, not a lounge where you can have a conversation, this other lounge made us feel like we were on display Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cairo's Hookah Lounge has been a lounge that I have been going to for a long while now. I haven't owned a hookah during my first two years of smoking so I visited hookah lounges a lot. Cairo's is on Adam's Ave in the Normal Heights area of San Diego. It's a dim lit lounge and unlike many of the San Diego hookah lounges, it's quite and calm, with a relaxing, easy on the eyes experience. Cairos's has a few house flavors including their version Dragonbreath which is one of my favorites. they use coconut coals which isn't as common in the hookah lounges close to college's that I have found. The staff is extremely friendly and respectful. This place has fans instead of air conditioning which I am not a big fan of but it is what it is. I love this place and have been going for a while now and plan to keep going here and there even though I plan to buy a hookah of my own and smoke my own stuff.
  3. dravago

    Flavor you can't live without?

    For me it used to be a layer of vanilla with a layer of mint, it tastes like christmas and I love it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk